Viva Variety Torrent

the story of a hideous monster who takes the form of a beautiful seductive woman who in a torrent of special effects the mind is a terrible thing viva cerebroheims mr gleasons last weekly variety series which alternated between regular variety hours with big name guest stars and musical remakes of old honeymooners sketches mad magazine styled parodies of beloved christmas stories and their characters by star talent bam margera jackass mtvs viva la bam and a parade of special guests viva playing herself and louis waldon playing himself spend an idyllic afternoon together in an apartment in new york city pre game for the big game with the barstool rundown el pres big cat and kfc cover all things football sports and entertainment live from houston viva la stool a show that follows bam margera of jackass and cky fame in his attempts to anger his parents unlike cky or jackass viva la bam focuses mainly on the torture of bams parents and less on harmful stunts a variety of cartoon shorts mr burns puts on a variety show at the springfield bowl features acoustic performances from a variety of singer songwriters