The Thing Called Love 1993

lucky nani has a rare mental condition he forgets the thing he was doing moments ago as soon as a new thing pops into his mind and is easily distracted from one thing to another he falls in love with nandana lavanya tripathi at first sight the rest of the the cat in the hat knows a lot about virtually every thing with the help of fish thing 1 and thing 2 the cat in the hat teaches kids about many things through song and games original film was called teenagers battle the thing made in 1958 approximately 59 minutes haru glory is a boy who lives with his sister cattleya in garage island after fishing out a thing called plue if theres one thing that the men of rockford texas love as much as their women its their guns but this film is a unconditional love story of 2 people riaz played the character called benu and purnima played the character called renu gravity can be a funny thing just like love it draws the most unlikely people together as luck would have it graffiti is variegated as much variety as the styles does have the people doing it still one thing connects them all the love of their art the dempsey sisters is a movie about the power of believing in a dream the force of a family bond and being willing to give up a sure thing for the one thing that makes life worth living overall is there such a thing as privacy in the matters of love how much must one know about the others emotional state in order to feel safe