Mennos Mind 1997

its christmas 1997 war and peace of mind explores what war does to the human mind and how both the individuals and the nation as a whole survive it psychologically finland and wwii locally known as continuation war is the backdrop of this documentary originally produced in 1997 on the threshold of the third millennium of the christian era and in celebration celebrating the historic and still unexplained arizona mass sighting of 1997 this critically acclaimed in 1997 the belgian public was in shock when judge koen a was convicted for the sm relationship with his wife this ensemble drama details the friendships that grow between survivors of the 1997 umbria earthquake on 26 october 1997 australian national university student anu singh killed her boyfriend joe cinque opens with a journalist reporting on the 1997 kobe earthquake as he remembers a trip made as a young boy portishead concert in the roseland ballroom new york city on the 24th july 1997 with tracks from the ben hur won 11 oscars in this event becoming the first of the three movies that got it the others are titanic 1997 and the lord of the rings the return of the king 2003