Kick Buttowski Suburban Daredevil Trash Talk Nerves Of Steal 2012

the costumed high school hero kick ass joins with a group of normal citizens who have been inspired to fight crime in costume meanwhile the red mist plots an act of revenge that will affect everyone kick ass knows dads car kick and brad are watching their dads prized car monique while playing around kick sees a scratch on the passenger side door when the lunar controller announces the moons independence from earth in the war of nerves with the mysterons when potter and charles are quarantined with mumps and get on each others nerves a replacement surgeon from tokyo is brought in olivers old friend reporter mort warner comes to hooterville to relax and soothe his rattled nerves cherry tobacco is about a small town girl laura who is constantly bored her mother gets on her nerves a mild mannered man whose nerves are shot from incessant noise is sent to an exclusive silent retreat with hilarious results dortmunder and his pals plan to steal a huge diamond from a museum but this turns out to be only the first time they have to steal it lucias nerves are already rattled shes seeing ghosts and all when her brother forces her to marry and her real boyfriend shows up at the wedding that does it she goes right over the edge sorry arturo shes just not that into you two daredevil pilots go after the same girl