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🔴 Clint Eastwood In The Mule (2018)

clint eastwood in the mule (2018)
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Date: 2020-05-21 20:09:53
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Through The Mule, Clint Eastwood created a world that put forward a code of honor. Almost all characters treat each other with respect, even though they are cruel drug cartels, or the police and the hunted. The result is a criminal film that is soft though not infrequently sore, in line with the life situation of its protagonist, who is 90 years old.

Is this picture too naive to represent the cruelty of the world today? Maybe The Mule is not an accurate portrait, but the choice wasn't even aimless. Earl Stone (Clint Eastwood) - whose figure was made based on The New York Times article titled The Sinaloa Cartel's 90-Year-Old Drug Mule about the life story of Leo Sharp - was treated well, even slowly looking familiar with the members of the cartel where he worked as a courier drugs. But his condition was inversely related to family matters, which for years he had rarely noticed.

Let alone eating together, Earl even absent from his daughter's wedding. He busied himself in work, whether traveling the streets or planting flowers in the garden. The message is clear: You will not be fully respectable if you do not treat your family well. Because the family must come first.

But how can a 90-year-old man become a drug courier? First, he was accustomed to driving long distances on the road (never visited 47 out of a total of 51 states) so he understood which method was the best. Second, who would suspect an old man? When the police approached him, thanks to a few clever tricks, Earl was able to escape even if a K9 dog was there. It didn't take long, Earl won the post of the best courier consistently, sending hundreds of kilograms of drugs every month.

Initially, Earl was willing to take the job because he no longer had a goal after his home and garden were confiscated. Until the simple goals that inject The Mule with the weight of taste he began to find, say helping the tuition and marriage of the grandchild (Taissa Farmiga) to revive the bar where veterans gather.

Eastwod perfectly fills the role of Earl, the tough old man who for the sake of the smooth running of his mission acts fragile on the outside, even though he is indeed fragile inside. The hard face that became his trademark is still plastered clearly, but now, at the age of 88 years his physical clearly weaker. Compared to his last appearance as an actor in Trouble with the Curve seven years ago, the legend seems fragile, which he actually uses to strengthen his performance. Gestures, expressions, to Eastwood's words reflect a variety of doubts and regrets of a man in old age.

It's hard to hold back the question, "Where does that energy and dedication come from?" Because for the first time since Gran Torino 10 years ago, Eastwood played a dual role as an actor and director. As a director, we can feel Eastwood's four decades of experience. He was reluctant to impose dramatization. The most touching moment comes through a simple but honest heart to heart chat, while Earl's first meeting with Colin Bates (Bradley Cooper), the DEA agent assigned to arrest him, occurs in a very casual situation but leaves a strong impression.

The script by Nick Schenk (Gran Torino, The Judge) - who is willing to throw a line of tickling tickles even though full of contemplation - also tells about a figure from the past that is like a living fossil, which tries to change with development. Earl couldn't send texts, hated the internet, only just found Dykes on Bikes, and also casually blurted out racism. Along the way delivering drugs, Earl witnessed the new world he had just known, then happily adjusted.

The Mule is like an old man's attitude towards the phrase "Live your life to the fullest". The Earl always tried to enjoy life as much as possible, and he was forced to pay for it by losing his family. And isn't there so much pain and regret that comes once we realize that, but are already running out of time to make up for everything?

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