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Uploaded by: jaimee
Date: 2020-05-21 19:43:47
Viewed: 195 times - 1 day, 5 hour, 14 minute, 45 second ago

Liam Neeson slaughtered dozens of criminals by himself to avenge the death of his beloved figure. Both the premise, trailer, and poster suggest that Cold Pursuit is another installment in the unofficial series "Liam Neeson's One Man Army Revenge Action Flick". And how the film starts strengthens this impression.

Nelson Coxman (Liam Neeson) is a snow cleaner in a fictional ski resort town, Kehoe, who lives a happy life with his wife, Grace (Laura Dern), and his son, Kyle (Micheál Richardson). Happiness is more complete when Nelson was awarded the title "Citizen of the Year". Until one night, several people kidnapped Kyle and then injected heroin into his body. In the morning Kyle was found dead overdosed.

The incident sounded like a "perfect tragedy" as a trigger for the rise of instinct to kill the character of the role of Liam Neeson, who we usually witness in his career phase after Taken (2008). Until the scene in the mortuary occurred, when the forensic team had difficulty showing Kyle's body to his parents. That's where I, who watched without reading reviews or watched the original film (Cold Pursuit is a Norwegian In Order of Disappearance remake which was also directed by Hans Petter Moland) realized, Cold Pursuit was different from my and many other audience's expectations.

This is a black comedy that is closer to the works of Coen Brothers than the typical thriller-action Liam Neeson. One of the scenes even featured a chat in the car between two mafias about the trick of screwing motel maids on the sidelines of their abduction mission. The situation is reminiscent of the legendary scene from Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction.

The number of victims who fell is still high, even thanks to the brutal Nelson method, many of them died tragically, which unfortunately often leaves the jumpy transition as a censorship effect (although I suspect the editing of this film is indeed bad at some point). After each death, we will be shown a black screen containing the names of the victims, most of whom have unique calls such as Speedo, Wingman, and others. This style often produces laughter, especially entering the climax when many lives are lost at one time.

The flow isn't as simple as it seems. Because the Vikings (Tom Bateman), the mob boss who Nelson slaughtered, thought his men were killed at the hands of his rival, the Indian drug kingpin led by White Bull (Tom Jackson). Both parties were involved in an agreement to divide their territories, so they (as well as the police) thought all of these deaths were related to the war for territory. Conflicts filled with chaos as the foundation for the creation of black comedy.

Some characters, especially Viking subordinates, although the majority are given minimal screentime, simply leave an impression thanks to the diverse features embedded in Frank Baldwin's manuscripts, whether in the form of unusual attitudes, stories they tell, or secrets they hold.

Not all humor is effective, and many of them will soon be forgotten, either because on various occasions Hans Petter Moland is not very good at describing memorable dark comedy situations, or purely due to the writing of humor that is not sharp enough. Conflicts about misunderstandings are in fact not an innovative intrigue that is able to consistently maintain momentum, especially when Moland likes to move his films in a slow tempo.

But I really lie when I say that the Cold Pursuit absurdity is not very pleasant, and see Liam Neeson, who still looks as tough as usual, placed in the midst of this strange situation, when instead of the rhythmic rhythmic booms typical of action thrillers, it is European music composed by George Fenton (Gandhi, The Fisher King) that sounds, doesn't feel refreshing.

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