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🔴 123movies Watch The Night Eats The World (2018) Mp4 Openload

123movies watch the night eats the world (2018) mp4 openload
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The Night Eats the World is opened by a party, where our protagonist, Sam (Anders Danielsen Lie), comes to retrieve his collection of tapes, which are tucked between a pile of goods from the ex-lover, Fanny (Sigrid Bouaziz). Fanny, who is now in a relationship with another man, is the host of the party. From the look on his face, it was not difficult to guess that Sam's heart hadn't completely turned away.

Even a few minutes of the opening scene also helped depict Sam as a man who refused to get out of his comfort zone. "Have fun, meet new people," said Fanny. Sam did not budge. He just wants the tapes. Sam locked himself in Fanny's office, fell asleep, and after waking up in the morning to realize the zombie outbreak had spread (in that area only left him), the phrase "Get out of your comfort zone" has a new meaning in Sam's life.

While carrying the same basic premise and having zombies that run fast, don't expect high octane horror like 28 Days Later. The Night Eats the World, adapted from a novel of the same name by Pit Agarman, tends to move toward contemplative drama about comfort that is confined, as well as the process of a human being realizing how in life, we need to break down to find endless possibilities.

Director Dominique Rocher, who also collaborated on writing a script with Jérémie Guez (The Bouncer, Yves Saint Laurent) and Guillaume Lemans (Point Blank, The Next Three Days), guided the film in a slow tempo. Increasingly quiet because of the lack of dialogue, which makes sense considering Sam is the only human being. Similar to other survival stories, one of the main menus is the effort of the main character to adjust to survive. Sam regulates food stocks, utilizes the surrounding items, while occasionally entertaining himself by playing music using household utensils (one of the few beautiful and tasteful moments in this film).

Predictably, this film also alludes to the loneliness and loneliness, which increasingly dominates the central storytelling once Sam's psychic begins to shake. After all, humans are social creatures. In order to satisfy his social desires, Sam had tried to catch a stray cat, before finally choosing to make friends with a zombie named Alfred (Denis Lavant) whom he locked in an elevator.

The problem of The Night Eats the World arises when the script does not save enough tricks to maintain the attention of the audience for 94 minutes that feels familiar as well as rolling slowly. The film wraps the story of the struggle for survival using style as well as films with other similar themes. The filling elements are not much different, even the row of subtext described above is far from the word "new".

Indeed, many incidents have the opportunity to kill more lives, especially some situations that have the potential to be tickling, but Rocher remains firm in maintaining a "cold" approach. As a result, many points are wasted, including the talents of Denis Lavant, who clearly has more than enough capacity to present the appeal of zombies that are more "humane" through the Frankenstein's monster acting approach.

Even the zombies' attacks by The Night Eats the World were almost as lifeless as the zombies themselves. So I remind you, don't expect the movie "zombie popcorn" as an entertainment media. And as the narrative of the individual process realizes the existence of unlimited opportunities behind the horizon of Paris, the presentation is not very satisfying. Because Sam's inner dilemma was only presented near the end. If you had appeared earlier, perhaps the dynamics of intense emotions would have been felt.

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