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hd 1080p watch us (2019) full for free streaming download
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Date: 2020-05-20 14:02:28
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After jolting through the issue of racism through its successful debut both commercially and critically, this time Jordan Peele invites to question who we are (Us) while criticizing the social conditions of the United States (United States, US), in a film that solidifies its status as one of the directors the most talented film genre of the day, even though as the storyteller, he still has some homework to handle.

In Us, Peele wants to present a black character who is not a victim of social injustice or a tool to tell a racism-themed story, but an ordinary family who lives happily, trips to the beach while on vacation, then has fun buying a boat. The family consists of four members: the couple Gabe Wilson (Winston Duke) and Adelaide Wilson (Lupita Nyongo), along with two children, Zora (Shahadi Wright Joseph) and Jason (Evan Alex).

They are what we call a harmonious family. Laughing together, teasing each other, and taunting each other is everyday food. But without anyone's knowledge, Adelaide kept the meetings of a traumatic event from his childhood. It happened in 1986, when little Adelaide, who was visiting a beach playground with his parents, got lost and then met his twin (called "The Tethered"). The incident was very shocking, Adelaide was silent for some time.

Now, with his own family, Adelaide must visit the same location. His fear came true when one night, four Tethered appeared with a form resembling him and his family. The difference is, instead of just standing still, the Tethered are trying to kill Adelaide and their families.

Who are The Tethered and what are their motivations are some examples of questions that will cling to our minds throughout the duration. But in contrast to Get Out, even though Us keeps a variety of subtexts (which I will discuss later), Peele doesn't spend much time focusing on the flow, especially in the second round. Before the climax, Us was practically nothing more than a bloody cat-cat dish. A risky step, but Peele seemed confident in his directing capacity to maximize the home invasion formula to endless intensity.

As an afficionado genre, Peele understands how to create an atmosphere and terrible images through a variety of methods, from the use of silhouettes, camera focus games where threats silently peek behind his character, to make the ranks of players behave oddly. Specifically for the last element, Lupita Nyong'o stands out the most. Acting a psychologically injured woman and a villainous villain with a terrible smile plus a hollow stare, the actress's performance will be remembered as one of the best among the modern horror rows.

Even about cliché tricks like jump scare, Peele always shows off effectiveness and creativity. Peele has mastered the matter of timing, while the source of terror is often raised from an unexpected angle, captured by dynamic camera motion. Peele's creativity also touched the realm of music use. Who would have thought the song Fuck Tha Police owned by N.W.A. will add excitement in the sequence of "hide and seek"?

Jordan Peele was obviously having fun without worrying about risks, including slipping comedy, which was injected on time without the need to distract the building of tension. If you often watch Key & Peele's sketches with Keegan-Michael Key, the smooth combination of two opposite poles (horror-comedy) will not seem surprising.

Regarding the story, as I mentioned earlier, there are many subtexts. The most obvious is of course related to self-identity. "What if we ourselves are the devil?" Peele positioned The Tethered as a representative of latent desires or other faces whose characters they failed to realize. On a broader scope, Peele alluded to the condition of America, an affluent country which ironically was still in a hurry to deal with hunger and hoomelessness. That is why Peele chose to begin his story in 1986, right when the Hand Across America event - where 6.5 million people joined hands for 15 minutes as a charity to help homeless people and sufferers of hunger cases - took place.

Us is actually almost flawless until near the end. Climax in the form of a brutal battle that was executed as a dance number full of blood and chaos while accompanied by music gripping the claim of Michael Abels (Get Out, Detroit) also appeared solid. Unfortunately, Peele was quite overwhelmed to summarize the explanation of the mystery surrounding The Tethered, then forced to summarize it into a convoluted exposition through verbal speech. But the point that almost brought down the foundation of Us was its closing surprise. If the previous half were not so strong, this film could have been destroyed. In order to convey the metaphor of "identity", Peele sacrificed logic, although it must be admitted that there was a scent of tragic horror wafting from a big twist.

UPDATE: After going through some rethinking (thanks to some questions in the comments section below), I realized that I had mistakenly thought the closing twist was wrong. Jordan Peele did not escape logic. I am not very observant in processing and linking information that the film conveys, although I still feel that Peele's decision to expose through monologues is not an accurate choice. That's why I changed the rating.

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