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🔴 123movies Arctic (2018) Official Trailer Watch & Download 1080p

123movies arctic (2018) official trailer watch & download 1080p
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Uploaded by: adams
Date: 2020-05-20 08:50:32
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Although not the first to do it, Arctic still deserves a special place in the ranks of survival films related to speech that is not just struggling about "every man for himself", but about efforts to maintain a conscience and humanity, even when the basic human instincts for survival take over , in the midst of a critical situation when death began to peek.

The film opens by showing Overgård (Mads Mikkelsen) digging for snow. Once he was painstaking, including removing stones blocking the road, it was natural to think that Overgård was a snowman. It was revealed that apparently he was writing a large "SOS" in a middle of nowhere in the Arctic Circle after his plane crashed.

Overgård was alone, though it was implied that his plane was carrying another passenger when he came to a pile of stones that looked like a gravestone. But one thing is certain, Overgård has to struggle to survive alone. The daily life is always the same: checking whether the bait is successful in fishing, then emitting distress signals, hoping to get a response. After a while, the watch alarm sounds, a sign that Overgård must move to the next activity.

All of the above are standard elements of a survival film, which aims to give the viewer an understanding of how his character outsmarted his limitations in order to survive. Having repeatedly witnessed similar views, I still get satisfaction, because such sequences always involve the creativity of the protagonist in compiling a plan that is often full of uniqueness.

On the majority of occasions, Arctic does follow its genre pattern. Meaning, you have to be prepared to see painful images containing the injuries Overgård experienced. Arctic could also continue to stay on the path of formulaic, given that there is still an appeal when waiting for how Overgård out of various problems, especially after he realized there were polar bears who became "neighbors".

But the formula has limits, and the script writers consisting of duet Ryan Morrison with the director, Joe Penna, understand the limits well, so they provide a turning point in the plot. I cannot reveal the exact incident, but after that, Overgård is no longer alone. From the point of view of storytelling, the incident gave emotional weight as well as the purpose for the narrative. Now there is a clear goal that must be achieved rather than "just" a survival effort.

Encouraged by logical reasons, Arctic became a minimal dialogue film, and that gave birth to more challenges for Joe Penna as a narrator. Luckily, the director is a talented visual narrator. Penna uses two types of shots to describe the details, so that the audience can understand everything, including the contents of the protagonist's thoughts. The two shots are the depiction of the surrounding environment and Mikkelsen's expression, which appear alternately. The camera that often captures Overgård's reaction serves to lead the audience into his mind, guessing what he is thinking.

Thanks to Mikkelsen's expertise, speaking through both the eyes and facial expressions makes everything clear. Then, as the situation becomes more precarious, the actor becomes more and more alive in reviving the condition when the physical and psychological wounds push him towards helpless helplessness and despair. Increasingly difficult for psychic Overgård, because he was trapped in an examination of his conscience.

Overgård can be selfish, choosing to take the safer and easier path without the hassle of challenging death. No one will blame him, because that is the human survival instinct. On one occasion, Overgård was forced to follow his instincts, until nature "punished him", making him realize that he shouldn't leave his human elves in the Arctic snow.

Even though it only rolled for 97 minutes, the material limitations in the manuscript were increasingly noticeable, and produced some decrease in intensity. While Penna's decision to avoid a dramatic approach to its conclusions (which are expected to bring emotional redemption) must be recognized as potentially disappointing some. But in truth, the choice is in accordance with the silence and completeness throughout the film. Penna was just trying to keep Arctic from getting lost on track.

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