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watch & stream tom hanks and gary sinise in forrest gump (1994) full movie hd 1080p 720p free
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Date: 2020-05-12 09:33:34
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Twenty-five years after its release in Italian cinemas - October 6, 1994 - we try to rediscover one of those films of which everything has been said and the opposite of everything, of those works that entered the collective imagination with a simple feather that flies up there in the sky until you stop at a bus stop, and a common box of chocolates - let's talk about Forrest Gump (1994) directed by Robert Zemeckis starring Tom Hanks, Gary Sinise and Robin Wright.

Freely inspired by the 1986 novel by Winston Groom of the same name, Forrest Gump brings to the stage the extreme epic self-made-man of Capra's cinema, this time with a view to a strongly weakened protagonist, condemned by a lower cognitive development to the norm, but the author of an absolutely extraordinary life that saw him coasting some of the most relevant historical events from the sixties to the eighties.

Forrest Gump: the meaning of the ending of the film with Tom Hanks

This was enough for Forrest Gump to give himself up to cinematographic immortality, not only becoming the true matrix of the 1995 Oscars with 13 nominations and a total of 6 victories including Best Film, Best Director and Best Leading Actor in spite of opponents of the caliber of The wings of freedom (1994) by Frank Darabont and Pulp Fiction (1994) by Quentin Tarantino - but making audiences and critics fall in love with his romantic and touching narrative, so much so that Roger Ebert - the most influential critic of all time - defined him as "A comedy, I believe, or perhaps a drama or a dream [...] an act of breathtaking balance between comedy and sadness, in a story full of great laughter and silent truths".

Forrest Gump: a romantic, sporty, warlike, dramatic film, or simply a dream

In what is undoubtedly the greatest interpretation of the James Stewart of our generation, Tom Hanks, the narration behind Forrest Gump is given by a solid narrative structure with a well-defined plot, characterized by a strong use of temporal, instrumental ellipses for Zemeckis for which to be able to tell the post-epic of Gump. A flashback narrative made possible thanks to the dialogical expedient, with which Gump himself involves the people who sit on the bench, willing to listen to his life after an initial skepticism.

The narrative structure thus advances into a primary narrative arc - that of Gump - which in its unraveling goes to cross narrative arcs of secondary characters, but officials for the development and growth of the protagonist of Forrest Gump, as in the case of Mrs. Gump of Sally Field, Robin Wright's Jenny, Mykelti Williamson's Bubba, and Gary Sinise's Lieutenant Dan.

Forrest Gump: the event at Cinecittà World for the 25th anniversary

Precisely because of the nuances of the narrative of the postmodern epic that is Gump's life, Zemeckis' film is an example of highly innovative multitone writing of the biopic drama genre. An intelligent and audacious writing that as the story unfolds allows Forrest Gump to slowly change its skin, thus becoming now a war film, now sporty, now romantic, always maintaining a delicate tone and a drama at the base appropriately dosed by elements of brilliant comedy, or quoting Ebert again "maybe a dream".

Forrest Gump: the post-epic of Forrest, an ordinary man with an extraordinary life

What makes a film like Forrest Gump ambitious is the inclusion of a character like Gump, imperfect, late, victim of an intellectual deficit, driven solely by his desire to live with simplicity, like anyone else, in a life absolutely out of the common, more than many "normal" people.

Like Jenny from Wright, the Love of his life, never reciprocated, rejected and in total opposition to Gump's narrative arc - a normal person with a tragic life, made of wrong choices, who will reunite with Forrest himself, giving him a son. O Bubba, the faithful friend who will give him a purpose to live with the creation of Bubba Gump. Or even with Lieutenant Dan of Sinise and his missed war sacrifice that will be inspired by his ex-recruit.

The script behind Forrest Gump brings to the stage a post-modern epic, that of a "minor" man, normally a forgotten man, who manages to run like the wind to escape the bullies, who manages to become a formidable striker with to earn college, and to become a war hero in Vietnam, an Olympian of the American ping pong team, guest of talk shows, successful businessman and finally an American icon.

In a seemingly disconnected sequence of events, for an ordinary man with an extraordinary life - capable of inspiring Elvis Presley, of shaking hands with Kennedy in the oval study, of fascinating Nixon, showing his buttocks to Lyndon Johnson and even intriguing John Lennon for the drafting from Imagine.

Forrest Gump: a rewrite of American history

In addition to the sweetness, intelligent and refined writing, the magnificent interpretation of Tom Hanks, Forrest Gump also becomes an opportunity to tell and rewrite events in American history. Starting from the name Forrest which, as explained at the beginning of the film, was given by the mother in honor of Nathan Bedford Forrest, hero of the war of secession believed to be the founder of the Ku Klux Klan. This is because, according to Mamma Gump: "sometimes we all do things that, here, do not make much sense".

Or again, in the narrative segment of the University of Alabama where Forrest manages to enter for his physical abilities, where the then governor of Alabama, George Wallace, is portrayed against the integration of African Americans into the university. It was June 11, 1963, and Wallace sided against the entrance of the first two black students, Vivian Malone and James Hood. The episode is remembered with the name of Stand in the Schoolhouse Door.

Forrest Gump: phrases and quotes from the great film with Tom Hanks

Another famous sequence is that of the Lincoln Memorial, in front of the Capitol, where Abbie Hoffman harangue the crowd against the war. Forrest is driven to speak first to the microphones, in front of a huge crowd of people: it is probably the famous demonstration of October 21, 1967. Here he will meet Jenny, who has become hippie, and the two will go to a meeting of the famous rebel group of Black Panthers.

Last but not least, active participation in initiatives to rehabilitate relations with China in 1971 - the so-called ping pong diplomacy - so much so that in Zemeckis' film, Forrest is a ping pong ace; and having informed the reception of the Watergate Hotel noting "strange people in the apartment opposite".
Forrest Gump: timeless, indispensable, the Oscar for Best Best Film of the last twenty five years

Of the many films that have made up the history of contemporary cinema, there is nothing that can rival Forrest Gump - especially in the last twenty five years - the incredible opening sequence of the flying feather on the notes of Alan Silvestri's theme is enough to understand that we are faced with one of those works for which the word masterpiece can be used without thinking much about it.

Forrest Gump is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece of those positive tales that are good for the soul, that remind us that nothing is impossible, and above all that "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what happens to you ".

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