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🔴 Watch Best Advernture David Gyasi In Interstellar (2014) Full Movie Hd

watch best advernture david gyasi in interstellar (2014) full movie hd
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Uploaded by: osie
Date: 2020-05-06 19:25:26
Viewed: 104 times - 21 hour, 50 minute, 31 second ago

Interstellar is a 2014 science fiction / drama film directed by Christopher Nolan, starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine, John Lithgow, Ellen Burstyn, Casey Affleck, Wes Bentley, Mackenzie Foy, David Oyelowo. The film has a duration of approximately 101 minutes. Here is our opinion and review on the film.
The plot of the Interstellar film

In the 21st century, planet Earth is dying and environmental and climatic conditions are becoming increasingly difficult to ensure human survival. Crops are subject to frequent sandstorms and the phenomenon known as the plague consumes the oxygen of the atmosphere.

Cooper, a former NASA engineer and pilot obsessed with nightmares, lives on a farm with his father-in-law and two children, the teenager Tom and Murph, a ten-year-old girl. The latter, with a great propensity for mathematics, witnesses strange and disturbing phenomena in her room and believes they are caused by a sort of ghost. Just the alleged entity would have formed a series of numbers on the floor, real coordinates that now the father, driven by curiosity, intends to visit.

With Murph at his side (who had hidden without being seen in the van), Cooper arrives at the indicated point, stumbling upon a secret NASA base. At the head of the facility are Elder Professor John Brand and his daughter Amelia, a beautiful and respected biologist, who inform newcomers about what is being planned on site.

The protagonist is thus asked to take part personally, as a pilot of a technological spaceship, in the plan that could save the human race forever: go through a wormhole to discover new galaxies and habitable planets, to then start a real and own mass colonization.

Despite initial doubts, Cooper chooses to participate in the mission, but the long journey into space, with the enormous distance from Earth and the different passage of time (a few hours or days for him could be months or years on our world), risks separate him forever from his family, causing a strong quarrel with Murph. It will only be the beginning of an incredible adventure in which man and his travel companions (including Amalia herself) will arrive where no one has gone before.
The review of the film

In 2014 here is the Christopher Nolan you don't expect: the popular and beloved cult director like Memento (2000) or the Dark Knight Trilogy made his debut in humanist science fiction recovering atmospheres from classics of the past such as Solaris (1972), using the genre to talk about "other".

Interstellar even before a sci-fi story is an emotional parable about a family relationship forced to deal with the passage of time and the related paradoxes, and it is no coincidence that the relationship between Cooper and Murph (but also the secondary one, from do not underestimate, between Amelia and Professor Brand) is the real emotional heart of the almost three hours of viewing.

Never as on this occasion has the British filmmaker given so much push on the melodramatic side, giving life to complex and nuanced characters who find adequate emphatic transport in the intense performances of the cast, for an epic that speaks of life, death and unlimited love between a father and a daughter.

The story progressively grows and takes its right time, with the first part able to perfectly introduce both the background of a planet close to the end and that of the protagonists, such as to create a sincere affection for their fate when the one that will definitely begin it seems a desperate mission and beyond any logic.

The sentimental and dramatic substrate is however magnificently hybridized to that sensation of space travel in the unknown, in unknown galaxies and planets, and the short descents on unexplored lands offer the role of the lion to special effects: the arrival on an oceanic globe, crossed by a perpetual wave motion, it is at the center of a bloated and exciting tension show that, especially seen in the room, cannot leave you indifferent.

Although not always likely in scientific explanations, and with a final half hour that, although fully involving and moving (as well as illuminating on the genesis of the whole story), it looks more to a metaphorical philosophy than to a thematic reasoning, Interstellar gives back that idea of great cinema capable of satisfying the gaze and the spirit, complete with an epilogue open to a potential, never officially announced, sequel.

And with unexpected twists, including one on a secondary figure played by a real guest-star (not even announced in the poster or in the promotional events to guarantee the surprise effect).

The performers give their best, from a Matthew McConaughey determined or heartbroken according to the occasion (the remote dialogue with an already grown Murph is of rare intensity) to Anne Hathaway's travel companion, from Michael Caine to Jessica Chastain and Casey Affleck, everyone is perfect in their respective roles, giving their characters the correct personality.

Together with them, as a real accompanying co-protagonist, it is the soundtrack of Hans Zimmer that is the master, with scores that open in their marked redundancy to a variety of nuances that penetrate directly into the soul with a rare incisiveness .

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