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Uploaded by: claiborne
Date: 2020-04-16 17:28:29
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Wisely put together by Colonel Hannibal Smith they are the most reliable and efficient team of the American army which are entrusted with the missions that seem unsolvable. An unexpected betrayal however turns them into outlaws, forcing them to escape and to fight to prove their innocence in a jungle where it is impossible to distinguish friends from enemies. It is not a story of the A-Team but the story of how the A-Team has become what we know.
Making the TV series of the same name could be an even more unlikely undertaking than the counterparts made on Starsky & Hutch or Charlie's Angels, instead Joe Carnahan, applying his whirling and hypertrophic register, guesses the right cut and packages a film addressed to a thirteen-year-old target but direct with an ability to conquer even the adult ready to regress. Childish but with style.

By strongly hybridizing cartoonish action cinema with American comedy, thanks to heavy injections of irony and one-line humor, A-Team manages to be low enough to pinch the tiniest instincts and at the same time masterfully enough to win the reluctance and prejudices towards this type of products of a more skilful public.

The pivotal characters of the series are more or less as you remember them, except Sberla who, probably by virtue of the ever-growing media power of the actor who plays him (Bradley Cooper), is bent to become the real protagonist. Beautiful and sophisticated as in the series but also ironic and powerful man of action like James Bond, Sberla is the only minimally in-depth character, who develops a love story and who nurtures personal goals beyond those of the collective. In this single, big change lies the gap between a serial product and one for cinema and also the ability of the creative team, to modify an element to keep others constant. There is no shortage of plan preparation sequences, as well as those on board different means of transport, the traditional reluctance of PE (or BA depending on the language) Baracus for the flight and the stormy relationship with Murdock (more fun here than in the series).

Beyond the excellent marketing strategies, however, it is possible to begin to glimpse an idea behind the different film adaptations of the television series of the 70s and 80s, that is, a highly ironic cut, in line with the gaze that today's viewer can have towards them. Far from trying to update certain dynamics or to make more series than the pretensions of action and entertainment were, the remake of TV series in Hollywood is made (and successfully!) Focusing on the fun as epidermal as possible, in this of made by tracing the true spirit of those products and configuring itself as the most interesting form of remake in the jungle that populates recent production.

Finally, arouses great surprise as a film deliberately disengaged as A-Team wants to take a political position of granite. The villain here is undoubtedly the CIA and not one of its members but the whole institution. The men of the CIA remember the Russians of the 80s as they are portrayed: all the same, not very intelligent, not very loyal, not very smart, slimy, sadistic, selfish and endowed with the main human defects. Already Green Zone, with more knowledge of the facts and more motivations, was launching a strong attack but now that even a mainstream film with a large income does not disdain to throw arrows, it is possible to see how Hollywood seems to have chosen which side to be on.

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Watch Premium The A Team (2010) Full Movie
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