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Date: 2020-04-07 02:55:53
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A year has passed since Percy Jackson discovered he was a demigod son of Poseidon and proved to everyone that he had not stolen Zeus' lightning bolt, nothing has happened anymore so at the training camp for demigods he begins to think he is not the phenomenon that It seemed. Just then a mechanical bull breaks through the magic barrier that protected the field, a protection generated by a tree born on a girl who had sacrificed herself for the good of others. To put things right, you have to go and retrieve the golden fleece in the sea of ​​monsters, the only object capable of saving the tree, barrier and field.

The second film based on Rick Riordan's books reviews the whole creative team that had made Percy Jackson make his film debut. Always relying on a director and a writer with experience in cinema for children and teenagers Percy Jackson and the gods of Olympus: The sea of ​​monsters, distances itself much more than the previous one from the literary matrix, re-elaborates the key elements by attenuating their clearly limbed features on the Odyssey and emphasizing its comedy component. So if the film saga that Percy Jackson most refers to (Harry Potter) with the progress of the chapters has increased the serious and dramatic part, the choices of the 20th Century Fox seem to move in the opposite direction.

This second film appears decidedly more light-hearted, amused and intent on making fun of and unleashing laughter (countless appearances with effect and self-reference like that of Nathan Fillion) than to stage an engaging story. The themes are the most usual (an unresolved authorship, the acceptance of the different, the overcoming of one's limits) while the contamination with modernity is increasingly present and tangible.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: the sea of ​​monsters in fact underlines with even more force the key component of the first film, the fact that the adventures of the demigod torn from a normal life take place in our world, with our technological equipment, our geographical places and so on. These are the stylistic features of urban fantasy (a purely literary genre to which other films taken from recently viewed books such as Beautiful Creatures or Shadowhunters and in a certain sense the Twilight saga also belong): to transfigure real geography, mainly American, in a fantasy world , imagining the existence of another civil order, linked to mythological creatures (be it the gods of Olympus or vampires), who walk next to unsuspecting ordinary people. The parallel worlds of urban fantasy exist together with the normal ones, usually at a higher level of consciousness (not only can they do more things and have a more adventurous life but unlike humans they are aware of the existence of two worlds and do not think there is only theirs), and from time to time they represent for the protagonists the awareness of their true nature and a certain number of responsibilities, therefore the transition to adulthood.
However, the real problem of the film seems to be the new director, Thor Freudenthal. With an imagery from a low budget 90s television series, a production system below the desirable quality level and a decidedly low ability to link scenes and topical moments, Percy Jackson's second film cannot even be pleasantly banal like that by Columbus but struggles to combine epic moments with sentimental ones with dramatic ones and, perhaps even more serious given the genre, it mixes computer graphics, practical effects, make-up and prosthesis badly, thus creating an implausible fantasy world with heterogeneous and poor references amalgamated.

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