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watch action jim sturgess in geostorm (2017) full movie
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Uploaded by: jerod
Date: 2020-04-06 08:38:49
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In the final sequence of Challenge in the Ice (1994), to date the only direction of Steven Seagal, the American actor barked an audience of journalists and Native Americans with a moralizing and robust speech on pollution, denouncing the reckless conduct of giants petrochemicals and hoping for a saving responsibility for the future, above all thanks to renewable energy. A complex ending for an action movie, obviously placed at the end of a story in which violence, in all its forms, is applied to achieve a singular concept of justice.

In Dean Devlin's Geostorm (former producer and screenwriter of Independence Day and Emmerich's Godzilla) the rhetorical speech is repeated, this time at the opening, with similar modalities: a girl's voice, once again on archival footage, warns the spectator that the Earth is collapsing and prolonged intoxication devastates large areas of the planet. Unable to live respecting the laws of nature, the human race has touched annihilation avoiding it in extremis thanks to an improbable, idealistic and hasty union between peoples, which resulted in a futuristic project born by a single man (Gerald Butler): a pang mesh of satellites regulate the global climate directly from the atmosphere. Peace and prosperity, however, do not last long: someone sabotages the system for their own advantage, one risks the apocalypse, the hero on duty (always Butler) saves the world.

Geostorm is not exactly a disaster movie: here the ecologist and the catastrophic drifts are a kind of MacGuffin. Devlin's film evidently moves with good intentions and to do so he uses the typical elements of the genre; at the same time, however, it does not share those concepts of sacrifice, compassion and pity that generally lie behind catastrophic films (even among many millennials, let alone those of the 70s ...) and lead them to reflections in their own sincere way: in front to the prevailing egoism, often even the most heroic of the protagonists reveals a complex, shared, spontaneous personality towards others, restoring order even at the cost of their annihilation. In Geostorm, however, all the characters, from those positive to the antagonists, act with total independence and impermeability: the common good is a quid pluris.

What is at the heart of the narrative (and most interesting, despite total unbelief), is the story of political intrigue: the sabotage of the global climate containment system is part of a conspiracy to assassinate the President of the United States (Andy Garcia ) hatched by Secretary of State (Ed Harris). A delusion of omnipotence that leads to the elimination of enemies and possible obstacles through an imposing global event (the geostorm of the title) preceded by catastrophic episodes with large expenditure of lives, including tornadoes, tsunamis and waves of frost ... No conspiracy was seen more unreliable at least since the time of George Pan Cosmatos' Shadow Program (1997), in which a handful of conspirators attempted to assassinate the president with a fire-rated toy helicopter worthy of a Black Hawk ...

In the end, the criminal plan is obviously foiled: peace triumphs, calm returns, Butler is applauded vigorously, Harris arrested and Earth, however decimated, is saved. And of course nobody thinks about the hundreds of victims of the climatic disasters suffered by the vainglory of just one. Here too, in some way, violence, in all its forms, is applied to achieve a singular concept of justice.

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Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess, And Talitha Eliana Bateman In Geostorm (2017)

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