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🔴 Watch Fantastic Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, Andy Samberg, And Asher Blinkoff In Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015) Full Movie

watch fantastic adam sandler, selena gomez, andy samberg, and asher blinkoff in hotel transylvania 2 (2015) full movie
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Uploaded by: roscoee
Date: 2020-04-05 03:04:41
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There is an air of celebration at the Hotel Transylvania! The wedding between Mavis and Johnny is celebrated, with the approval of her father, the severe Count Dracula, and so the slow, dismal tracking shot that leads us inside the hotel we already know, arrives in a festively decorated hall lively with music and colors. There are monsters, all those we have already met and even more, all rushed for the unmissable event, but there are also humans, relatives and guests of the groom for a clash between different worlds that immediately pushes on the accelerator humor and surreal situations by showing us the party and the usual photos between the guests and their guests.

This is the opening of the second film in the series directed by Genndy Tartakovsky, the opening titles that link us to the previous chapter, the now consolidated love story between Mavis and Johnny, and a future together that seems promising and radiant. Even more at the birth of their firstborn, Dennis, a boy with a thick reddish hair who is the image of health and whom we would never call the son of a vampire. And in fact the main problem that the new parents have to face is precisely in the apparent completely human nature of the child: the years pass and the little Dennis seems to have no vampire skills, neither sharp canines, nor a mood for a life of darkness. A situation that must necessarily change within five years, before being definitively decreed human, forcing the mixed couple to find a solution of life far from the Hotel Transylvania of Count Dracula, close to Johnny's parents and a human environment.

Welcome Back to the Hotel Transylvania

We return to the Hotel Transylvania after three years and find a situation not unlike what we had left, because the second film of this young and amiably macabre franchise does not go far from its predecessor. We find the same captivating design of the characters, which we could define as monstrously adorable, we find the same liveliness and rapidity in the rhythm of the story. Hotel Transylvania 2, in fact, is a frenetic and unstoppable succession of gags and funny and funny situations, which play with the monstrous characteristics of each iconic character in the world of classic horror, making fun of them and making them accessible even to a children's audience.

Superficial rhythm

This frenzy is not a defect in itself, but rather allows the film to keep its chosen spectators glued to the screen. In fact, it should be clarified immediately: children can appreciate and appreciate this film as they did with the previous one, they will have fun, laugh and maybe some will even dance to the musical number that closes the film. The flaw is rather in the swinging quality of gags involving monsters, which range from the most subtle and cultured horror quote to many others of a more immediate, physical and banalotta nature. Furthermore, to unite all this there is a very linear and essential plot, which simply follows the attempts to make the vampire soul of little Dennis emerge, which ends up representing an all too thin thread that at times disappears under the rowdy and lively staging.

Fearful cast

Yet for the target that it seeks and the aim it sets itself Hotel Transylvania 2 is fine. Tartakovsky's film is essentially an animated comedy that does not aim to convey complex messages, if not that related to acceptance and tolerance that it had already developed in the first chapter. And the nature of comedy is evident from the names involved, both in writing and in the vocal cast: in fact the texts we find Adam Sandler, who is also the original voice actor of Count Dracula (in Italian Claudio Bisio), but alongside him there are also Kevin James to give voice to Frank, the Frankenstein monster, and Steve Buscemi who plays the wolf man Wayne, while the newlywed couple is voiced by Selena Gomez (we Cristiana Capotondi) and Andy Samberg. The important addition of the second chapter should also be underlined: Mel Brooks who gives the voice to Dracula's father, as well as Mavis' grandfather, Vlad (in Italian Paolo Villaggio).

Fight against the last franchise

Despite its limitations, Hotel Transylvania is confirmed as a good weapon for Sony Animation in the close fight between the giants of western animation (in the USA in the two weeks of programming it has already reached ninety million dollars) which have aces up their sleeve lot of. We are not Pixar or Disney quality levels, the same macabre / supernatural theme has been better addressed by Laika's ParaNorman or Frankenweenie, nor can it boast the popularity and sequel of the Minions that are conquering every corner of the world with gadgets of all kinds, but it has shown that it can carve out its space, entertain the audience of young people to whom it addresses and continue beyond the only two chapters produced so far.

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Watch Fantastic Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, Andy Samberg, And Asher Blinkoff In Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015) Full Movie
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