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🔴 Watch Music Kristopher Kimlin In I Still Believe (2020) Full Movie

watch music kristopher kimlin in i still believe (2020) full movie
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Uploaded by: jovanie
Date: 2020-03-16 23:19:57
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A boy and a girl meet, they are beautiful, they are twenty years old and they are experiencing the most important period, that of university, in which they decide what will be done when they grow up. Jeremy and Melissa: these are the names of the protagonists of What you leave me with, the film directed by Andrew and Jon Erwin, which tells the true story of singer Jeremy Camp (KJ Apa) and his meeting with his first wife, Melissa ( Britt Robertson), who died young from cancer. The film was expected to be released in theaters but, due to the health emergency, it was decided to make it available on Amazon Prime Video from April 17, 2020.

What do you leave me: between the biopic and the love story

What do you leave me with? It tells the birth and the sad ending of the love story of Melissa and Jeremy Camp, star of Christian Music. It would seem a classic love story invented, exaggerated and exasperated that points to the viewer's emotion, instead it is a biopic, in fact the film is based on the bestseller I Still Believe, in which Camp himself tells the greatest love of his life that pushed him to become a singer and to seek love at all costs.

Jeremy Camp leaves home in Indiana to go to Calvary Chapel Bible College, the Californian university of religious imprint, there, during the concert of the musician Jean-Luc, Melissa, beautiful, special, a star that shines more than all other. From there his life changes, it takes very little and he understands: that is the woman of his life. Jeremy dedicates the love songs, the deepest and most delicate thoughts to her, but Melissa draws back - not to hurt Jean-Luc with whom the young woman has a special friendship -, leaves Jeremy; after a while the boy receives a phone call: Melissa has a third stage tumor.
The young man does not ask too many questions, it is enough for him to know that she loves him to move forward in the relationship and marry her in October 2000.

The film lives on two souls, one, rather neglected, in which Camp's "musical history" is told - how her career was born - and a much more important one on the tragic love between Jeremy and Melissa.

What do you leave me: the story of a singer without music

Jeremy's talent is only made us understand by the words of the father who describes that of his son as a gift to be cultivated, by the lost gaze of Melissa who listens full of love to that young man she recently met. The musical history of Jeremy is therefore thrown there, with too much superficiality: he manages to find his way too soon, the spectator almost does not realize it, the opposite happens instead for the birth of the feeling among the protagonists, for the total abnegation of a boy to his wife. Yes, Jeremy writes, yes he plays the guitar but this element is watered down in the poignant first encounters between him and Melissa. Loses importance the first time Camp does Camp, where it sings in a recording studio and attends a concert. It all goes into the background, at the center is Melissa, the love for her, the electrocution she felt on the day she met her gaze, the care he has for her who is sick, tired, exhausted from the pains and the "medical bulletins" that leave no hope.

Jeremy exists as a singer thanks to Melissa and her interest; it is important to underline that in reality she is only a close friend of Jean-Luc but the directors have decided to make Melissa a special friend of the musician in order to insert the rivalry in love between the two men. This expedient shows how much stronger the loving nature of What you leave me with than that of a biopic. There is little music in a film about a singer and this is evidently a shortcoming.

What do you leave me: the story of the Christian Music star who lacks the Christian faith

Another element that should be fundamental in the story of Jeremy Camp is the Christian faith but this too emerges little and badly: the name of the university, Jeremy's request to pray for his wife when he has to undergo a delicate intervention surgical, the words of the young girl directed to her husband as a sort of testament, the doubts of the young man put in crisis by the constant pains that affect him and his family. You never see any physical contact between the two - Melissa and Jeremy are supposed to have confined themselves to physical contact because of their faith but the film never tells it - neither before nor after the wedding, which seems strange since The target of What you leave me with is clearly young also for the presence of KJ Apa and Britt Robertson.

What do you leave me: a film that points to an easy emotion

If at the beginning of What you leave me with you, the film seems to want to hang in the balance between two genres, then it chooses its direction by focusing on the sick-lit movie, the decision that determines the film itself. Inevitably, the tear is all too easy, not going into the depths of pain but showing scenes that cannot fail to move. The miracle received after the endless prayers from Camp fans, the celebration of the wedding, happy parenthesis in the couple's last months, the sight of a twenty year old who spends his days giving morphine to his wife, desperate because he feels the end close, and not to think about the construction of their love they are narrated in an all too simplistic way as much as the "rebirth" of Jeremy marked, addressed by his now dead wife.

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