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🔴 Watch Sean Bridgers, W Earl Brown, Ian Mcshane, And Timothy Olyphant In Deadwood (2004) Full Movie

watch sean bridgers, w earl brown, ian mcshane, and timothy olyphant in deadwood (2004) full movie
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Date: 2020-03-16 10:52:09
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As far back as 2005, the western-style TV series Deadwood (2004-2006) made its debut a year after American programming. It started as a game and out of curiosity and turned out to be one of the flagships of HBO's programming decade of the 2000s together with I Soprano (1999 - 2007), Six Feet Under (2001 - 2005), The Wire (2002 - 2008) and Mad Men (2007 - 2015).

Deadwood thus represented a breath of fresh air on the American (and worldwide) television scene, in a pre-Netflix era where HBO was the giant to beat, and the network capable of producing the best series with the most evocative narratives. Born from an idea of ​​the screenwriter and film producer David Milch, who also wrote the script for the 2019 film, the winning series of eight Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe was canceled in 2007 after three high-level seasons due to conflicts between Milch himself and HBO. Indeed, it would seem that Deadwood's production costs were very high, in addition to a curious creative process that involved extensive rewrites of the last second.

Deadwood, the missed fourth season and the cancellation

The cancellation of the show was a shock to the cast, so much so that during the third season of Deadwood, the faces of Bullock and Swearengen - Timothy Olyphant and Ian McShane - renegotiated the contractual agreement in order to obtain a higher pay, a symptom of how the The show enjoyed not only popularity but also a large television following, thanks also to the presence of characters who really lived in the 19th century, such as Wild Bill Hickok (Keith Carradine) and Calamity Jane (Robin Weigert).

According to reports, the HBO proposed to the volcanic Milch to continue with a fourth (and potentially last) season of Deadwood, but the necessary condition was that it was shorter than the 12 episodes per season. Milch fully rejected the condition, however promising to rethink it over the course of a weekend - they never talked about it again for the next thirteen years, until today and Deadwood - The film (2019).

In any case, Deadwood had his arrival in a period where the television industry was still too immature in appreciating and fully understanding the potential of an in some ways experimental audiovisual product such as Deadwood. In fact, the same HBO, ten years later and mindful of the lesson learned from the adventures of Swearenger, took the hit with Westworld (2016-2020), certainly even more innovative and fascinating than the previous Deadwood because of its joining the western to science fiction through a strong philosophical-existential subtext on the man-machine dichotomy.

Deadwood, where did we stay?

Deadwood tells of the continuously developing mining town of the same name, without even a government and not even recognized by the state of South Dakota. It's 1876 and Deadwood only has the law of the fittest, or rather, the law of Al Swearengen - a pioneer and very loyal owner of the town's only saloon.

A subtle balance sent up with the arrival of Seth Bullock and partner Sol Star, intent on building a hardware store; and the gold prospector and pioneer Wild Bill Hickok along with Calamity Jane and Charlie Utter (Dayton Callie). The death of Hickok himself during a game of Poker, the arrival in the city of Alma Garrett (Molly Parker) aimed at making a new life and of the entrepreneur Cy Tolliver (Powers Boothe) with his partner Joanie Stubbs (Kim Dickens) intent to build a casino, they will make the Machiavellian Swearengen's plans even more complicated.

Everything precipitates with the settlement in the city of George Hearst (Gerald McRaney), who in the third season sided with all the residents of Deadwood in order to trick Garrett into obtaining his land funds; including crime boss Al Swearengen and Seth Bullock (Sheriff from the second season where the first Deadwood government was founded), who smooth out their grudges to team up against him.

In the latest episodes of the third season, Hearst orders the murder of Ellsworth (Jim Beaver); to make him pay, the former prostitute Trixie (Paula Malcomson) shoots Hearst himself, injuring him in the shoulder. As a reaction to all this, Hearst, convinced that those who attempted to assassinate him have been punished, leaves the city, but not before rigging the local elections to secure total power over Deadwood.

Thirteen years later - but ten on a narrative level - we start from here.

Deadwood - The film, a "television" direction for a long-awaited return

We are in 1889 and Deadwood is finally recognized as a citizen in all respects, becoming part of the state of South Dakota and therefore of the United States of America. With Deadwood - The film in fact, Milch has the opportunity to finally close the narrative arches of its protagonists after a wait of more than a decade.

It is no coincidence that the conflict behind Deadwood - The film is once again the confrontation between George Hearst - now Governor of California - and the community of Deadwood led by an Al Swearengen not in perfect shape, and by Sheriff Seth Bullock more gritty than ever. Thus denoting a coherence of narrative with respect to the events left unresolved in the twelfth episode of the third season of 2005, which, despite a temporal leap of ten years (narrative), are well connected and congenial.

A Deadwood - The film takes very little to bring the viewer back to the streets of the mining town of the same name, just three shots of Swearengen and an exchange of lashing jokes - reminding the general public what made the HBO series great and why premature cancellation it was one of the worst injustices in the televised audiovisual landscape.

The direction not properly inspired and mostly "television" and professional, knows how to enhance the nostalgic narrative environments of Deadwood, now through shots from the bottom up to give depth to the closed spaces, now through panoramas with which to explore the (no longer so ) Wild West.

All accompanied by a photograph all in natural light for the diurnal and diegetic and artificial scenes in the night ones - giving the scene an atmosphere of the good old days. Thus preferring a direction of plans and long shots, and medium plans, leaving out the detail and the detail, which gives the narration a slow pace from the dilated time, almost from a special episode of a television serial.
Deadwood - The film, the insurmountable limits of a man of law

In Deadwood - The film we are faced with a (pretend) choral narrative structure that unfolds in the creation of arches aimed at intersecting with the realization of the first turning point. The return to the scene of super villain George Hearst - and the related consequences of the case - will tend to further narrow the conflict at the basis of the narrative in a dichotomous opposition from a western consummated between hero and villain.

The conflict between Hearst and Bullock not only translates into the umpteenth declination of good against evil or hero-villain, rather on the nuances related to how much a man of power and a man of law can or may not act within the limits of jurisdiction and laws in force - and the events of the crackling third act are emblematic in this sense.

The town of Deadwood is in full industrial progress, but still has a soul and a beating heart, that of its men and women of honor on stage who maintain the narrative dimension of the previous seasons. Swearengen is still an arrogant with easy talk, albeit strongly weakened by the progress of a suboptimal physical condition after years of excess. Bullock is still the champion of the law and the right thing to do - wiser but also more darkened.

Just as Utter, whose stage presence will be essential for the narrative fate of Deadwood - has not changed in anything. Calamity Jane still suffers from the absence of her trusted friend and adventure companion Hickok, and Sol and Trixie in particular will face the consequences of certain actions with Hearst's return to the city.

Deadwood - The film, the end and the beginning, a new media dimension

Overall, wanting to sum up, Deadwood's sequel / tv movie gives fans of the HBO series exactly what they needed, an intelligent and coherent closure of the narrative arcs thirteen years after the cancellation of the serial with a couple of sequences particularly suggestive.

The impression, however, is that however successful Deadwood - The film arrived a little too late - certainly not as in the case of Serenity (2005) with Firefly (2002-2003). In short, enough to induce the viewer to refresh the events that occurred "in previous episodes" in order to fully understand the scenic conflicts - albeit in any case didactic and well explicit.

Deadwood - The film, in fact, tries to reason not only as a sequel to the three seasons of the first decade of the 2000s, but also as a stand-alone, and in this sense it works and convinces. Deadwood - The film fits perfectly in the vein of revisionist westerns, focusing on a characterization of the characters - in particular the villain - worthy of the best Spaghetti-Western by Leone.

And it is precisely this filmic dimension that seems to be the most suitable ground for Deadwood's narrative instead of the TV one, for a convincing end that would seem to correspond to a new beginning.


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