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🔴 Stream Drama Band Of Brothers (2001) Full Movie Hd

stream drama band of brothers (2001) full movie hd
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Date: 2020-03-16 02:44:24
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The title might be misleading, but rest assured: it is not our intention to fuel the (stupid) controversy that has been going on for several years on what is better, today, between cinema and TV series. The truth is that fortunately for us, art and the film and television industry now go almost hand in hand, feeding and inspiring each other. Certainly, however, this has not always been the case. One of the key moments of this turning point that we still enjoy today was the growth from a qualitative point of view of the original cable TV programming par excellence, the HBO, which first with Oz in 1997 and especially with Sex and the City and The Sopranos in the following two years changed the world of serial storytelling forever.

Simultaneously with these successes that would last for more than a year, HBO began another important tradition, that of the limited-time miniseries of which it is still the undisputed queen and which has seen it produce over the years masterpieces such as Angels in America, Mildred Pierce, John Adams and the most recent Olive Kitteridge and Show Me a Hero. But to kick off all this was a prestigious and unprecedented collaboration with the world of cinema: the 12-part miniseries From the Earth to the Moon, which featured producers Ron Howard, Brian Grazer and Tom Hanks (the latter also director, screenwriter and presenter of the episodes) to create an exciting docu-drama on the first 12 space missions of the Apollo Program, obviously complementary to what has already been brought to the screen a few years earlier with the Apollo 13 movie success.

Say hello to soldier Hanks
Building on the great success of the miniseries and the awards won (3 Emmys and a Golden Globe), Tom Hanks decided to replicate with a rather similar but much more ambitious project on paper: Band of Brothers. Once again, Hanks himself, in addition to being the main creator of the miniseries together with Erik Jendresen, personally wrote and directed some episodes and was able to count on the support of his friend and colleague Steven Spielberg, with whom he had already collaborated for the Save the soldier Ryan. Just as it had been for From Earth to the Moon, the war film represented an important starting point for something much wider. It is expensive, given that the Band of Brothers budget was over $ 125 million, almost double that of Spielberg's film that had won 5 Oscars, bringing over 45 million admissions to US theaters.

It was without doubt the most ambitious and complex miniseries ever made (surpassed 9 years later only by the spiritual sequel The Pacific) with footage lasting about 10 months - held in England in an old military airport that had also hosted the Spielberg film - and closely followed by experts from the Second World War who can guarantee maximum accuracy. On the other hand, in addition to referring to the book of the same name written by the historian Stephen E. Ambrose, all the still living members of the Easy Company were interviewed, the Company E of the 2nd Battalion of the 506th Paratrooper Infantry Regiment that had a fundamental role first in the to repel the Nazi army to France and then to the Allied invasion of Germany.


And it is precisely with the interviews with the real survivors that the episodes of the miniseries begin because, despite not being a documentary, Band of Brothers from the title has the ambition to tell not only the conflict and the history but also the experience of the soldiers in its entirety, starting from that sense of camaraderie that will bind them throughout their lives, from training with the severe Captain Sobel (an unpublished David Schwimmer) and from the feeling of terror and powerlessness that they will often face and that will reach the its peak in the siege of Bastogne and during the battles of the Ardennes.

Band of Brothers is obviously a choral series, but still manages to bring out some characters by giving them central roles within specific episodes: at the heart of the whole series are Major Richard Winters played by an excellent Damian Lewis and his faithful but problematic friend Captain Lewis Nixon (Ron Livingston). But alongside them many other characters stand out. First, Lieutenant Carwood Lipton (Donnie Wahlberg) who narrates the wonderful episode The Breaking Point, in which the morale of Easy collapses following serious losses, a very intense moment illustrated through the complete emotional collapse of First Lieutenant Compton (Neal McDonough) suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, known at the time as "shell shock".

And again Doctor "Doc" Eugene Roe (Shane Taylor), to whom an episode is dedicated to show the other "side" of the battle, the one for life, which is fought after the bullets and bombs have ceased to fall ; Denver Sergeant "Bull" Randleman (Michael Cudlitz), one of the show's fans' favorites for his courage and determination; Lieutenant Speirs (Matthew Settle), a "perfect" soldier because he simply accepted a simple and painful truth, that once in war you are a walking dead and for this he manages to accomplish incredible achievements, such as crossing the lines of fire enemies to connect with an allied patrol and redo the same path in reverse to return to command his men.

But there are many, too many absolutely brilliant characters in this series to mention them and all end up leaving their mark thanks to the skill of the performers - to which are added, in minor roles, the talents at the time still immature by Michael Fassbender, Tom Hardy, Colin Hanks, Simon Pegg, James McAvoy and Andrew Scott - and the writers.
All the horrors of war

The great strength of the miniseries, however, lies in the incredible ability to transport the viewer really in the midst of the conflict, exactly as it happened in the first impressive half hour of Saving Soldier Ryan: here there is no landing in Normandy because the Easy Company lands from the sky in parachutes, not without difficulty and sacrifices, directly inland, but not for this there are equally spectacular and raw sequences that in some moments leave you breathless and really give the feeling of being in the middle of a war that offers no way out.

The difference with Spielberg's film is that in Band of Brothers there is no room for rhetoric, because you don't want to tell just one episode of the WWII, however symbolic, but the war in all its essence: the series does it following only one company, but also the most significant, because through the Easy Company it can narrate death and despair but also courage and willpower. But above all, thanks to the penultimate, splendid, but emotionally devastating episode, it also manages to answer the most difficult question of all: "Why do we fight?".
And it does it in the simplest, most frank and brutal way possible, simply by showing us the arrival of the protagonists that we have followed so far in an unexpected and even more horrible place, something even more terrible than the war itself: a concentration camp, more precisely that of Kaufering / Landsberg, one of the many that related to that of Dachau in Germany. Only ten minutes but which weigh like a boulder on the entire series and that, thanks to the excellent direction of David Frankel, the splendid music of Michael Kamen (also the author of the unforgettable main theme of the series) and the interpretations of all the actors, they close the circle and do justice to everything that has been shown to us so far.

We lucky few, we gang of brothers

Band of Brothers is obviously even more than all this: it is for example the beautiful speech to a young soldier who hid in a ditch during D-Day because he was afraid; the scene in which a young sergeant who goes to retrieve the linen from an English woman and she asks him to bring it also to his companions and he does not have the courage to say that most of them are all dead or injured; the final speech to his troops by a captured Nazi General and in that even more touching than the real Major Winters who tells in video:

I would like to quote you a letter that Mike Ranney wrote to me. He tells a significant episode: "I will always remember a question my grandson asked me the other day, he asked me:" Grandfather, is it true that you were a hero in the war? "Grandfather replied no." But I fought with a company of heroes "

It is moments like these that make Band of Brothers not only one of the greatest war movies ever made but also one of the greatest documents in the history of the last century. Because it is true that Spielberg had already told us everything, with undisputed mastery, already with Schindler's List and the aforementioned Saving Private Ryan, but it is thanks to his collaboration with HBO that he manages to give even more value and context to those of his own works and turn them into something even more complete, unforgettable and important.

September 11 is the legacy of Band of Brothers

So it was therefore that when the miniseries made its debut in the USA on September 9, 2001 not only attracted 10 million viewers, a record for the time, but in fact it changed forever the history of the small and the big screen, inaugurating an ever greater collaboration that would have led to enormous benefits for all. Unfortunately fate meant that only two days after the debut on TV the terrible attack on the Twin Towers dismissed, understandably, a large part of the public and the miniseries closed with much lower numbers than those with which it had started.


But every now and then, the quality pays off and that was how 7 statuettes and 20 Emmy nominations arrived, as well as a Golden Globe and other well-deserved awards from the American Film Institute, Producers Guild of America, Writers Guild of America and Television Critics Association. And the infinite gratitude of fans of cinema and TV series all over the world who saw the war as it had never been shown before and a television quality that did not even seem conceivable. Since then cinema, TV and even war games have never been the same; since then we are all honorary members of the Easy Company. Indeed, a gang of brothers.

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