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Date: 2020-03-15 13:35:54
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Few series can be defined as iconic in the same way as Peaky Blinders. Not so much for the media resonance of the series itself, given that other serials such as Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad have certainly followed more, but for the ability to build a sort of niche and wallow in it with an uncommon ease. The style and iconicity of Thomas Shelby and his family are in fact extremely recognizable, so much so that a British celebrity like David Beckham wanted to specifically launch a clothing line dedicated to the "fucking peaky blinders". Arrived in the fifth season, the plots become more and more complex, as well as the characters, without losing even a tenth of the refinement of the first seasons. Let's now see in detail this fifth season of Peaky Blinders.

After defeating (for a hair) the Italian Mafia led by Luca Changretta (Adrien Brody) and having conquered the polling station in Birmingham, the Shelby family continues, by the hand of its leader Tommy (Cillian Murphy), its rise to power. However, he will have to deal with the terrible crisis of 1929, with an ever more dangerous expanding political reality and some small and large crises of conscience, not to mention the difficult relationships between the members of an increasingly large family.
Peaky Blinders 5: a chain of dichotomies and contradictions

After 5 seasons, one of the most important leitmotives of the serial is evident: the opposites. The elegance of Peaky's clothes against the violence they emanate if they feel threatened. The old versus the new. The scenes shot in slow motion with rock music in the background. All directorial subtleties that become more and more evident and appreciable throughout the series, doing exactly what Tommy and his family do: aiming higher and higher.
Peaky Blinders 5: the perpetual motion of a family

What makes the show extremely interesting, however, concerns the individual characters, each of whom is a very important piece of this almost perfect machine. In fact, these do not remain the same as themselves, but are constantly changing, starting with the head of the family Tommy, played by an always excellent Cillian Murphy, who sees in this season the crowning of his slow and almost imperceptible evolution, a morality that makes its way in his soul. Needless to mention Arthur (Paul Anderson), one of the most complex characters in the clan, as well as Polly (Helen McCrory). To surprise in this Peaky Blinders 5, however, is Aberama Gold (Aidan Gillen from Game of Thrones), who changes looks and personality thanks to the most banal but powerful motivation: love. Finn (Harry Kirton) himself, a character just sketched up to now, carves out his own space in the Peaky story. And it is also the family itself that changes its skin and evolves: from the injury of an Italian who had only dared to go out with Lizzie (which then caused Grace's painful death), to the acceptance of a black man alongside Ada, the step is really long.
Peaky Blinders 5: what would they be without women?

Although set in a time when women were certainly not doing well in terms of rights, the Peaky Ladies have always distinguished themselves by character and resourcefulness, each in its own way. From the faithful ex prostitute Lizzie (Natasha O’Keeffe) to the tough Polly, up to Arthur's wife Linda, women have always played a fundamental and multifaceted role. In fact, they are not two-dimensionally relegated to the role of "comfort" or "break", but they manage to be both, often also simultaneously. Ada's example is the most obvious and significant: initially a rebellious and idealistic girl in love with the wrong man, then a trusted (and controversial) advisor to the head of the family. In short, women who make themselves respected while keeping intact their femininity, who are not bent to the will of their men, in all-round roles that make the female component fully valued and emancipated. In this sense, it helps to remember a dialogue between Aunt Polly and Linda in the fourth season.

Linda: Out there it's full of men who spit, that sucks.

Polly: Well, if they spit on you ... you answer spitting!

Peaky Blinders 5: the eternal struggle with yourself

Despite the many characters, it is undeniable that Peaky Blinders has an undisputed protagonist, capable of acting as a trait d'union among all: the aforementioned Tommy Shelby. Soldier, gangster, bookie, murderer, tycoon, politician. All and nothing. And in the middle, many sleepless nights and dreams of war and death. His life seems to be a continuous and very open struggle against himself, or rather it seems destined for an eternal war to find himself. In this fifth chapter, attention is mainly focused on him (more than in the previous ones) and on his small moral crisis. In fact, it seems that now he wants to "do the right thing", despite being fought because of the fact that, when he behaves like that, "someone innocent dies". His existential doubt therefore consists in the contrast between personal interest and morality, universal and decidedly well shown.
Peaky Blinders 5: a great cast, without huge names

Last season, the hiring of an Oscar winner like Adrien Brody for the part of Luca Changretta had caused a sensation. To tell the truth, Brody's interpretation was not very convincing to us: his performance was certainly of a good level, but for someone like him it was far too spotty and superficial, decidedly subdued compared to the previous villain played by Sam Neill. In this new season, new arrivals are not famous names, but each member of the cast plays their part to perfection, bringing just enough to do the good of the show, without primedonne.

In particular Sam Clafin (Pirates of the Caribbean) brings a charismatic and dark villain that turns out to be almost the darkest side of Tommy himself. His perfect nemesis, which will prove worthy of the clash with the English veteran. In short, to conclude, Peaky Blinders 5 offers the usual refined and high-level show, with characters and situations in constant change and decidedly high quality. The vision is obviously recommended, also and especially for the twists that, in the final episode, will leave you speechless.


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