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🔴 Watch Shooter Daniel Webber In The Punisher (2017) Full Movie Free

watch shooter daniel webber in the punisher (2017) full movie free
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Date: 2020-03-15 13:01:47
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Before talking about the new series starring Jon Bernthal, it would be at least a must to draw the conclusions of Phase 1 of the television counterpart of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Because it is true that after the great and splendid news of the first Netflix series on Marvel superheroes, Daredevil, no other show has had the same impact and the same effectiveness, but it is equally true that the opinion of the public and critics was perhaps more severe than how much the whole project would have deserved.

Certainly the various series are not lacking in defects and certainly Netflix itself has made some serious and huge errors in their management and in the construction of this complex and potentially infinite narrative universe. Yet by putting together Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Defenders and now also this The Punisher, one cannot fail to be struck by the ability to have generated a new coherent and multifaceted "superhero" vein, in which each show it has its own specific characteristics, its themes and, at bottom, also a different starting genre.

Now it's war

This is why The Punisher, which will arrive on Netflix next Friday 17 November, the main reference is clearly the war movie and in particular those films that tell how veterans look for, often in vain, their role in society after surviving the horrors of the war. In the case of Frank Castle the only reason for living is revenge, and if you thought that in the second season of Daredevil the background of his character had already been widely explored, well, you were wrong because in the series that sees him as protagonist, the Punisher will understand many new things about his past and the tragedy that hit him. Exactly once again.

Whether or not he likes this somewhat questionable narrative choice, the obsession with this revenge is necessary for such a character, but the creator of the show Steve Lightfoot (known for Hannibal) does more than just show us his willingness to clean up from crime the streets of New York but also his past as a soldier and his relationship with former comrades, including best friend Billy Russo (Ben Barnes) now director of a private military company. The end result is that of a character who obviously is not really a superhero, if not in the same sense in which we could define Sylvester Stallone's Rambo super, and who will probably be able to displace some spectators. Or maybe fascinate them and convince them more than other (real) Netflix superheroes have done.

"I have no friends among civilians"

But if Rambo was basically a lonely man who continued to fight his own personal war, Frank Castle is accompanied here by Micro (the convincing Ebon Moss-Bachrach), a former National Security Agency analyst, who pretended to be dead and therefore unable to contact his family. It is precisely this reason that brings him closer to the Punisher and pushes him to share his bloody ideals of revenge, but it is precisely the differences between the two and this "forced" collaboration that represents some of the most successful moments of the show. It must be said that the secondary characters are not lacking and they are almost all well characterized (in primis Amber Rose Revah's Dinah Madan), but when the protagonist is not on screen his absence is felt and so much.

Unfortunately, even this The Punisher continues to suffer from the same defects as the other Netflix / Marvel series: it is difficult to take off if not after several episodes, especially for its not very dynamic nature, and at the beginning it seems to have very little to add to what has already been seen and said in the past. Things improve, considerably, with the passing of the first few hours, but probably also here, as in the other shows, a smaller number of episodes would have really made the difference between a series (more than) discreet and a real jewel. For the rest, of course, violence, some really impressive and brilliantly direct action sequences and a stellar performance by Bernthal, truly perfect both as Frank Castle and as Punisher. An actor now "condemned" to be remembered for this role for the rest of his career, but it is probably not this great punishment.


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