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🔴 Stream 4k Ray Stevenson In Black Sails (2014) Full Movie

stream 4k ray stevenson in black sails (2014) full movie
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Being a pirate is the dream of many children: when you are young you can imagine adventures for the seven seas, battles on ships with imposing sails, buccaneers with wooden legs and bandages on the eyes. With a piece of wood like a sword and the wind in your hair, even a square meter of lawn in the park behind your house can become an island in the Caribbean. We liked pirate stories so much when we were children because they promised something that we still could not well define: a sense of discovery, of possibility, the hope of finding something in front of which we would reveal our true nature and maybe we would never be after more states the same.

As another famous captain says, the upright Giacomo Uncino played by Dustin Hoffman in Hook - Captain Hook by Steven Spielberg, "the pirate's life is wonderful": brought back to the cinema more than ten years ago by Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow in the saga Disney The Pirates of the Caribbean, these fascinating and at the same time frightening figures, have lost their heart of darkness, becoming nice little spots destined to entertain the public with laughter and special effects and nothing more. One of the most underrated TV series of the last few years, Black Sails, has thought of taking pirate mythology back to its status as a dramatic tale.

In four seasons, the Starz series, created by Jonathan E. Steinberg and Robert Levine and produced by Michael Bay, has done a tremendous job of writing, keeping in mind the novel The Treasure Island (1883) by Robert Louis Stevenson, the history (throughout the seasons literary figures alternate with characters that really existed, such as the legendary pirate Blackbeard and captain Charles Vane) and Shakespeare's work, transforming the children's book into a real tragedy with memorable dialogues.
Ended in the United States on April 2, Black Sails is available in Italy on Netflix, thanks to which you can see the first three seasons, while the fourth, and last, is still unpublished. In 38 episodes the story of Long John Silver's youthful years (Luke Arnold) was a real descent into the abyss, above all thanks to a character, and an actor, whose charisma and depth is difficult to forget: Captain Flint played by Toby Stephens.

Black Sails: from prequel to existential drama

At the time of its debut, on January 25, 2014, Black Sails was immediately branded as a series B product: it will perhaps be for the name of the producer, that Michael Bay who so much turns up his nose at cultured criticism, will be because actually at beginning seemed like a parody of Game of Thrones with swords, intrigues, sex and violence free on tropical beaches, the first season was made fun of by many show magazines, who then abandoned it. The audience did not do the same: fascinated by the charisma of the actors, it did not let go. And it did well.

Born as a prequel to Stevenson's Treasure Island, Black Sails has grown more and more season after season: set in Nassau, the Bahamas, twenty years before the facts told in the original novel, the series follows the growth (a) moral of John Silver, the pirate with a wooden leg and the parrot on his shoulder, Captain Flint, who has kept several generations of boys company. In the now mature and ruthless book, here Silver is a cute boy and prone to cheating, who finds himself a chef on the ship of the notorious and feared captain Flint, with cunning equal only to his incredible desire to push beyond the limits of society civilian, both spiritually and geographically, a character charged with an impressive life force.

The relationship between Silver and Flint is the beating heart of the series: through the eyes, initially naive, of the young cook we see the legend and ferocity of the pirate grow, and then discover that same darkness in Silver, in a game of mirrors, lights and shadows worthy of a Greek tragedy. The intelligence of the authors has been precisely to give body, blood and sweat to a figure that has always remained, until now, a name: Captain Flint, who remains a mystery in Stevenson's book, here he is gutted, loved, hated, rejected and then embraced with an impressive dedication.

"Each of us is a monster to someone. Since you are so convinced that I am yours, I will be"

The hardened consumers of TV series know that each title presents a moment in which the viewer has a revelation, an illumination: that moment in which he understands that what he is seeing has entered his heart. For Black Sails that moment arrives in the finale of the second season, when Flint, who is about to be hanged, tells the crowd calling for his death: "Each of us is a monster for someone. Since you are so convinced that I am the yours, I will be. " Phrase worthy of being printed on a shirt, in these few words there is the essence of the whole work: each story presents different truths, just as each person cannot be defined only in one way. At that moment Flint embraces his being a man and a character to whom people's labels are close, who does not want to live according to the rules of others, who is willing to fight and even do evil to protect his freedom. A madman and a dreamer, a rebel and a romantic spirit, as evidenced by his brilliant personal story, unexpected and original, which we will not reveal to preserve the joy, for those who have not seen the series, of discovering it for themselves.

An excellent cast

If the writing turned an initially trivial series into a level product, the other half of the work made it an excellent cast: the transformation of Luke Arnold is impressive, his Silver at first has a clear and hopeful look , while with the passing of the seasons it seems to show on his face the years and the sufferings of the character, almost as if he had aged with him. Zach McGowan, who was Jody in Shameless, a character who to call imbecile is a compliment, here is very good in the role of the indomitable Charles Vane, a pirate who really existed, who embodies the brutality of the corsairs and their more romantic, capable vein to survive the attack of hundreds of men and then be crushed by the gaze of a woman, Eleanor Guthrie (Hannah New), who does not love him, at least not as much as she loves herself. Majestic Ray Stevenson in the role of Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard, good Toby Schmitz and Clara Paget in the role of Jack Rackham and Anne Bonny respectively, real pirates of the '700. And finally he: the captain Flint of Toby Stephens, son of two legends of English theater, Maggie Smith and Robert Stephens, is a joy for the eyes and ears. Captain Flint is a mask of anger and pain, which is reflected in every sign of the actor's face.

The power of stories

The ending of Black Sails is, just like the whole series, unusual: despite being full of duels, intrigues, women who have their say (the authors have also thought about this aspect, creating a rich and interesting array of female figures , practically absent in Stevenson's novel) and memorable dialogues, to move is a plot twist that combines fiction and truth, giving the characters a conclusion as close as possible to the official story and at the same time perfectly consistent with the parallel world created by the series . In the end it doesn't matter whether the facts we see are real or not: what matters is the story itself and the love for those characters.

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