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Uploaded by: hazen
Date: 2020-03-15 04:48:35
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In Norse mythology the end of the world and of the gods is described as Ragnarok.

For those who followed the Vikings series, marked History Channel, you will have noticed how this catastrophe is one of the greatest fears of the Norse people and often represented fratricidal wars or clashes between populations of different cultures and religions.
Vikings 6 arrives mid-season closing this first part with a traumatic and predictable epilogue for a show that will soon say goodbye

In the tenth episode "The Best Laid Plans" of Viking 6 (which also marks the end of the first part of the season) we witness a new Ragnarok, which culminates with the clash between the fearsome "Christians" Rus of Kiev, led by Oleg with the support of Ivar Senz'Ossa and Itzverk, and the Norse led by King Harald Fine Hair, passed to the annals as "Beautiful Hair", with the tactical supervision of King Bjorn The Armor and the queen shield-maiden Gunnhild.

From the beginning, the clash seems unequal for the Norwegian Vikings: with the arrival of spring, here is seen the enemy fleet of Prince Oleg from the fjords that rise above the capital of King Harald.

The direction in this episode focuses a lot on the clash between the brothers Bjorn and Ivar, sons of the great Ragnar Lothbrok: the scenes alternate between a surreal dialogue between the two along the beach, where the troops landed, and the various moments of the real war and proper, with the weak Viking defenses that try to stem the overwhelming strength of the Rus.

Ivar's strategy is to take two points simultaneously: the beach and the river to encircle the Vikings within their territory. The beach is the first defense outpost of the Norwegian Vikings, who have organized physical obstacles and troops of archers ready to shoot arrows and fiery objects on the attackers. Along the river, however, barriers have been set up to hinder the progress of the Rus ships.

As in an ancient D-Day, we observe how the direction of this episode of Vikings 6 has largely drawn from war films and shows such as "Save Soldier Ryan" and "Band of Brothers": simple soldiers are slaughtered meat, ready to sacrifice himself to conquer a hill, while the sea is tinged with the blood of the fallen.

Brothers knives

I think the best part of this episode is the dialogue between Bjorn and Ivar: both are convinced that they have the better of the other, with Ivar confident of his victory and Bjorn eager for revenge.

But not all battles are fought with swords and shields: for example, King Harald, aware that he is only King in name, has a deep envy towards the "real" King, that is Bjorn. After receiving Bjorn, Gunnhild and Ingrid, Harald falls in love with the latter until he abuses them during the night before the great clash.

Another sad omen presents the groups before the battle: Gunnhild fatigued by previous clashes and by setting up the defenses, loses the child he expected from Bjorn.

The most heartbreaking and sweet scene, after Lagertha's funeral, is the farewell of this mother to her dead baby: with infinite delicacy, Gunnhild cries and cuddles the small body, wrapped in a red cloth, while she mounds it in the hills of Norway. Moments of bitter sweetness, where the spirit of the warrior woman gives way to the suffering of a mother defeated by life.

So let's go back to battle where the corpses are counted in the hundreds: despite the will, the Norse defenses falter in front of the number of Oleg's troops who gradually conquer the beach defended by Bjorn and the trusted Erik the Red.

When he arrived on the beach, he found King Harlad without forces, but not injured: the sovereign ordered him to escape, not before having insulted him for the umpteenth time as an outlaw and murderer (Skogarmaor). Erik then takes away the crown of Scandinavia: perhaps he wants to give it to the legitimate King, that is Bjorn?

Even along the river, despite a first phase in which they are blocked, the Rus eventually manage to break through the Scandinavian lines.

A traumatic and hasty end

It seems that there is no escape and, trying to give courage to the troops, Bjorn leaves the hills deciding to throw himself into the fray on the beach, in an attempt to stem the enemy. And that's where what you didn't think happened. In an instant Bjorn and Ivar find themselves face to face, but like a thunderbolt, the youngest of Ragnar's children passes through the eldest son, without even having time to say a word.

Bjorn collapses on the ground, on the shoreline, with the sword still in his hand ... After Lagertha's death, Vikings 6 deals another lethal blow to the fans of the first hour! You can only imagine my regret for poor Bjorn, who died suddenly at the hands of the impassive Ivar.

Thus ends the first part of the last season of Vikings, with two excellent deaths, one within a short distance of the other, mother and son, Lagertha and Bjorn.

If you have read the reviews of the previous episodes, you know that I had placed some trust in the growth of the character of Hitzverk who for the moment has been largely disillusioned. Hitzverk, who was looking for revenge on Ivar, eventually, tired and drugged, finds his much-hated brother and allies with him.

What about the character of Ivar kissed by luck, Oleg's guest, who returns to Scandinavia as a conqueror?

Of this first part of the season I am left with the regret that I have not seen more the likes of Floki and Rollo, as well as the Saxons like King Alfred.

We have to ask ourselves what awaits us later, for the second part of the show: will Oleg be able to conquer all of Norway or will there be resistance from the Vikings? Will King Harald survive the invasion or will he also die in battle?

Personally, I also suspect that Ivar will not be so magnanimous with his brother Htzverk, and will plot to eliminate him, as he will plot against Oleg, putting him against Prince Igor, his brother Dir and Katia.

Will we see Ubbe's travels before we can find out what happened to Floki? Will Ketil Flatnose's lies surface?

You just have to arm yourself with patience, shield and sword .. and wait for the second part of Vikings 6! And may Odin assist us.

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