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Date: 2020-03-14 23:08:25
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"Fargo", or "de greed". Four colors mark the Coen brothers' film: white, red, green and black. The white is that of the snow, snow that is found everywhere, immaculate white blanket that confuses the horizon: you turn left and right to bury a briefcase full of money and you see nothing else. Red is blood: when they shoot you in the jaw, when you go to the wrong place at the wrong time and see something you shouldn't, when you crush your partner's body in the wood-cutting machine. Green is not often seen, but it is what you would like to see more: it is the color of the money that pushes you to organize the kidnapping of your wife to blackmail your father-in-law's bastard. Finally, black is that of comedy that mixes with thriller: the mocking irony that affects circumstances, paradoxical events that intertwine in man's ridiculous bankruptcy tragedy.

In 1994 the Coens shot "Mister Hula Hoop", the first major production after the public and critical acclaim of the first four films, which however proved to be a disappointing work. For the next job they decide to go home, with a more fitting story, to the places where they grew up and know well. Fargo, then, that gives the idea of ​​an American country forgotten by god, up north, one hundred and fifty kilometers from the Canadian border, straddling North Dakota and Minnesota, where then the events are set, between the cities of Breinard and Minneapolis. Jerry Lundegaard (William H. Macy), a modest car salesman, hires two thugs, Carl (Steve Buscemi) and the psychopath and taciturn Gaear (Peter Stormare), to kidnap his wife and ask the rich father-in-law Wade (Harve to redeem him) Presnell). But the kidnapping is complicated when the two gentlemen begin to leave behind a series of useless corpses, on which investigates the policewoman Marge (Frances McDormand), pregnant and married to the peaceful Norm (John Carroll Lynch). Many Coenian topoi return: the kidnapping ("Arizona Junior", "The great Lebowski"), the blackmail ("The man who was not there", "Spy-proof"), violence ("Crossroads for death "," It is not a country for old people "), and then the tragicomic failure of the plans, the ironic fragility of man, the murder that breaks into everyday life, the common men who become protagonists of the worst meanness, and a entire demeaning gallery of unscrupulous and liars. And obviously greed.

White is, as mentioned, the color of the snow that submerges a landscape that forms the backdrop to a noir weave. Lonely, almost alienating, non-place landscape that annihilates feelings. Immoto and desolate scenario, in contrast with people who move instead generating damage and dramas - frustrated, losers, careerists, unable to communicate. But white is also the candor, the innocence of motherhood that diverges with the red of violence, the green of greed and the black of the story. Marge - whose pregnancy is an emblem of femininity - in opposition to a universe of mediocre, lying, failed, miserable males; who does a man's job and contrasts this senseless male hysteria with moral values ​​and simple principles, logic and common sense, firmness and decision despite its apparent fragility (the bulky body, the morning sickness). Marge is not a shrewd hard-boyled detective, much less a superhero, but tries to understand the why of things, even before the how and who. She will come to find the culprits, but the reasons for such atrocity will remain unsolvable for her. He can't decipher the crazy human nature, and admits it when he arrests Gaear and scolds him like a child: "There's more to life than a little bit of money, you know. And here you are. And it's a beatiful day. I just don't understand it. " For her, even any disgusting winter day is a beautiful day, she knows how to appreciate it, while she doesn't understand how one can kill just for "a little money". Gaear, symbol of a human condition condemned to indifference and freezing apathy, has no words, empty as the landscape outside the window.

The only man who seems to escape this moral baseness and failure is Norm, Marge's husband, who looks more like the housewife. Their small pictures of a clean domestic life, based on the unspoken and made of simple pleasures are the opposite of the abject and immoral lives of Carl and Gaear on one side, and Jerry on the other. But if Marge appreciates the modest joys of her life, she is also attracted to escaping from routine, such as meeting her ex-schoolmate Mike Yanagita (Steve Park). The digression is explained by the Coens as an expedient for an additional likelihood effect, but in fact introduces another man, again inept, unsuccessful, unreliable, who tries to get around Marge awkwardly, is rejected politely, and will prove to be a weak whimper and liar. Marge's innocence is only relative: she means danger and corruption when faced.

According to Aristotle, shameless people are unable to establish relationships such as love and friendship. Shame is the pain of having committed something that discredits us, especially in the eyes of those whom we believe are morally important. Excellent people have a sense of shame; others, on the other hand, do not fully prove it and cannot recognize their own actions as wrong; others, finally, are driven by strong passions (anger, hatred, greed) that discern, but are unable to control. Marge is a model of excellence: she is careful and discreet in scolding others (correcting a colleague's mistake, dismissing her old schoolmate, warning her husband not to be too greedy if he did not receive the first prize in a competition, shoot Gaear on one leg and redargue him), not only for his being Minnesota nice, but because he has introjected the measure of shame, respects others, and is therefore the only one to have a sincere and unconditional love, not utilitarian. On the other hand, who is not even able to have a conversation is Gaear ("Would it kill you to say something?", Asks Carl), who moves only to satisfy his lower appetites (money, pancakes, sex with prostitutes), and is unable to comply with any civil or ethical law. Finally, Jerry is the third way indicated by Aristotle: he is a sneaky liar in selling cars ("A bold-face liar" defines him as a cheated customer), and he does not feel remorse; he wants to avoid what he feels as a public humiliation (poverty) and for this reason sets in motion an aberrant act of which he distinguishes the error, but cannot stop. He hides behind fake smiles (unconditional reflexes) even when talking with his son, he has increasingly suffocated attacks of anger, he is ridiculous when he tries to find the right tone to communicate the news of the kidnapping to his father-in-law, and reaches the climax of the pathetic while being arrested in underwear. Scotty (Tony Denman), the teenage son, a male who is not yet corrupt and the only one really worried about the fate of his mother (Wade is more focused on the price of the ransom), allows us to measure the faults of the adults around him.

Joel and Ethan Coen love to play with genres and narrative codes, in particular those of the noir, which here, as mentioned, combines with comedy. Comedy about escaping from routine, about the limits to which man can go in trying to change his life, instead generating dyscrasias, chaos, pain. Humor arises from the observation of actions taken out of pure desperation and mere interest. Violence becomes farce and unpredictability is the norm. The characters evade the classic patterns: a pregnant provincial policewoman investigates heinous crimes, the bad guys are not evil geniuses, but stupid and unprepared, because this is how it happens in reality. The Coens dissect regional stereotypes of a slice of America, synecdoche of American culture and of the human condition in full, with elements of cultural and idiomatic verisimilitude, and social satire.

The likelihood, then. With "Fargo" - Oscar for best screenplay - the Coens perform a real semantic experiment. A caption at the beginning presents the facts as actually happened. But the starting point is only partial, the rest is pure fiction. A challenge to the credulity of the spectator, who finds himself immersed in the stereotypes of the culture of Minnesota in an almost sociological way, and sees the realism of the places and the way of speaking (a trainer for the accent has been hired) contrast with an absurd story. How could this have happened and I have never heard of it? The wording wants to prevent the film from being seen as an ordinary thriller: it is a challenge to the codes of verisimilitude, it confuses reality and fiction. You know, often real stories can seem more incredible than the invented ones, and then reflection in full includes the very plausibility of cinema and the media: should I trust what a director shows me? The spectator is the only one who has an external point of view on the story, he is the only one who can answer Marge's question and draw conclusions as to why he pushes us so exquisitely out of greed.

The black humor exposes the inconsistencies and contrasts of everyday life through the paradox. The shedding of free blood is not only ironic and provocative, but highlights the hiatus between true and false. The mdp is as detached as possible, it does not look for dramatic effects, with the only concession of the geometries of objects and people in contrast on the white backgrounds. A realistic cross-section of American culture is staged to sift the gap between credible and incredible, reportage and fiction, truth and lie. Criminals do "common" things: they fight over pancakes, watch soap operas on TV, use recurring expressions, put on their hats before going out to get their colleague barred, discuss the details of the hours and argue over payment of the toll. The idiosyncrasies and peculiarities of Minnesota, strongly influenced by Scandinavian culture, are outlined with tiny details, you can breathe the air and the atmosphere of the rooms, also thanks to a well-kept setting (by Rick Heinrichs) and the music (by Carter Burwell ) based on Nordic popular themes. The accents, the economic, dry speech, the polite and detached manner of northern European origin make the characters appear plausible and avoid dropping them in the caricature.

In the end, everyone pays for their greed: Wade wants to hand over the money and dies, Jerry and Gaear are arrested, Carl is killed by Gaear because he wants to keep the car. Only Marge and Norm will be able to continue with their lives, waiting for their son. Crime does not pay, but above all no one can be trusted: your husband has you kidnapped, your partner kills you, an old friend contacts you with an innocent excuse but has something else in mind, and the directors of a film? Those, then: present you with a story as true when it is not. So what world is this where you can't believe colleagues, relatives and friends? In what world do we live if we can no longer trust even the images of a film, the word of the directors?

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