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🔴 Best Scene Wagner Moura And Jose Padilha In Narcos (2015) Watch & Stream Online

best scene wagner moura and jose padilha in narcos (2015) watch & stream online
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During the first two acclaimed seasons, Narcos never hid that he was 50% facts and 50% fiction. The need to modify events a bit or move some of them over time to create suspense and pathos, as well as keeping the attention of the serial viewer alive, is as important as adherence to the truth, and so we have seen characters who are never dead and followed moral dilemmas (those of Agent Peña, especially) totally invented.

Now that the story of Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura) has been told, the Netflix series has been faced with an important decision: to completely quash the protagonists of the first two seasons to fully respect the change of events (agents Murphy and Peña have left Colombia forever after Escobar's death), or take a big narrative license and keep them in the game. The authors Carlo Bernard, Chris Brancato and Doug Miro have chosen the middle way: inside Pedro Pascal, in the role of a promoted Javier Peña, outside Boyd Holbrook. Peña thus becomes the narrator of the events and, although his real counterpart was not present at the time of the investigations of the Cali cartel, he represents in a broad sense the DEA and its contribution to the operation.

But the new episodes also introduce a couple of potential new protagonists, two young agents who remember Murphy and Peña also “graphically” (the blond and the dark), while being different in character. They are Chris Feistl (Michael Stahl-David) and Daniel Van Ness (Matt Whelan). They are the ones who come to the field in Cali while Peña stays at the Bogota embassy to give orders. Shea Whigham also joins the cast as a regular, an excellent character also seen in Fargo and Death Note, in the role of another DEA agent. In short, Narcos seems to follow the golden rule of the series that have had to replace their protagonists: not only replace, but multiply.

So we follow different investigations by different agents, while at the same time we are told the point of view of the Cali cartel. After working with the CIA and Peña to bring down the Escobar empire, he has now become the number one public enemy in Colombia. But be careful: the series takes an interesting direction because it does not tell the challenge between the authorities and a cartel willing to do anything to carry on business. On the contrary: the bosses of Cali immediately decide to close down the activities and start negotiating with the Colombian government to get out of it rich and almost clean. Except that Peña is not there and also goes against the CIA to close the outstanding accounts.

Another fact to keep in mind: the Cali cartel is very different from that of Medellin. Cali bosses are very different from Pablo Escobar. The Rodriguez brothers, Gilberto (Damian Alcazar) and Miguel (Francisco Denis), and their partner Pacho Herrera (Alberto Ammann) are represented as real businessmen, cold and calculating where Escobar was sanguine and impulsive, elegant and reserved where the Medellin's boss was over the top and always looking for attention. It also follows a change of tone in the series.

After watching the first four episodes of season 3, we can say that Narcos is still engaging and well done. He has obviously lost a villain of great impact and cannot hope to replicate in terms of perverse charm: as said, the new bosses are more similar to corrupt yuppies than to real ruthless mobsters (not that they are not). Furthermore, Peña's presence is somewhat forced, even if indispensable from the point of view of customer loyalty. And then Pedro Pascal is always perfect in the role. Then there is the tendency to more "television" plots, or if we want to film, with twists and narrative twists that do not seem to adhere very much to the reality of the facts.

It remains to be seen how much Netflix plans to pull the rope on Cali's storyline. The material seems destined for a single season, because the countdown towards the "legalized" end of the cartel is very tight. There are two possibilities: either Netflix will try to stretch the Cali saga over two seasons (but there seems to be a lot less meat on fire than Escobar), or it will end the story with the third season. This is, in our opinion, the best option. A fourth season could eventually leave Colombia and tell the Mexican or other cartels, totally replacing the cast and moving forward or back in time. And finding, moreover, a villain who can be a worthy successor to Escobar, now honestly absent from the series.

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