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Uploaded by: isidoree
Date: 2020-03-14 06:13:49
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It is a mirage to see the third season of Da Vinci's Demons on TV, which after continuous postponements, finally made its debut in America on Saturday 24 October. More than a year later, in fact, the series inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's youth and wanted for the Starz network by David S. Goyer, returns on TV with 10 new episodes, the last after a long pilgrimage in search of a coherent and compelling. In fact, despite the initial big premises, Da Vinci’s Demons has never shone as it should, has never managed to capture the spectator's heart and, above all, for various reasons the series has never made the TRUE leap in quality.

The news of his cancellation after 3 seasons and just 28 episodes under his belt, arrives not only in the light of not so small audiences to allow the show to survive on TV, but everything must be sought in a pressure of a plot that unfortunately never has amused and excited as many believed. And even this season premiere of Da Vinci's Demons confirmed the doubts and uncertainties that had lingered for some time on the TV series given that, in 55 minutes of filming, the narrative line did not make great strides, making the plot itself reeling in a quagmire of boredom and predictability. Tom Riley is still the iconic Leonardo Da Vinci who is in Otranto, still looking for the book of Lamine, after his bankruptcy trip to America.

Otranto is under siege by the Turks and now the young inventor must protect what remains of the kingdom of Naples but above all make a choice that could change the course of history forever. Meanwhile, the Church continues its power games, deceptions and wicked pacts to achieve its sinister aims, in fact we see the Count Riario allied to a group of subversives with the intent to become part of the 'Sons of Mitra' and find out what the Church and the Pope himself hide with such ardor.
Da Vinci's Demons: a confusing and sloppy series

It is clear that the plot of Da Vinci's Demons is decidedly confused, sloppy, without the slightest criterion, built simply on the shoulders of Tom Riley who, helpless in the face of all this, still manages to make the character he played credible. The rest is all pain and boredom, a latent boredom that even this seasonal incipit cannot shake off, and the series continues its descent into the depths of pity. Da Vinci's Demons, however, even if it contains content (and REAL emotions), it remains an ambitious series that reconstructs the atmosphere of a complex historical period, made up of myths and legends, down to the smallest detail. David S. Goyer although aimed to create a series rooted in pop culture, reveals a sexy, stubborn, intelligent Leonardo Da Vinci, poised between sanity and madness, and building around him a historical archetype with a great breath.

A muffled breath at the start, however, which, in the end, prevents the show from shining as it should and, as is evident from this season premiere, the series continues its descent into the Underworld, losing itself in telephone twists, historical and haggard inaccuracies scene shots. So getting to the end of the series (hopefully with a dignified ending) is a symbol that the network itself has sensed in which sea Da Vinci's Demons sailed (and still sails). A product with great charm that unfortunately has never shone for full content.

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