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🔴 Watch Fantastic Vince Vaughn In True Detective (2014) Full Movie Streaming

watch fantastic vince vaughn in true detective (2014) full movie streaming
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Uploaded by: austyne
Date: 2020-03-14 01:25:27
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HBO continues to amaze with its wide range of high quality productions. The latest success that made a lot of noise between critics and the public is a TV series that sent the HBO server haywire for too many access requests: it's TRUE DETECTIVE. Written by Nic Pizzolatto and directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, it will probably arrive in Italy in the coming months and according to the first rumors it should be Sky to have the exclusive. Let's see in detail why the first season, which ended on March 9 for the American public, has been so successful.

Matthew McConaughey. Maybe he was considered a sex symbol for years and therefore consequently not appreciated enough for his acting skills. He often had not too complicated roles in romantic comedies where perhaps having studied the Stanislasvkij method does not count as much as the hours spent in the gym. After 2010 he wanted to make the audience understand that he is no longer satisfied with just a light script and therefore begins to have more busy roles as in William Friedkin's Killer Joe. But it is with Dallas Buyers Club that many have begun to appreciate his talent and among many there are also the members of the Academy who have decided to give McConaughey an Oscar for Best Leading Actor for the role of a cowboy with AIDS . Woody Harrelson. After McConaughey another Texan. A career that began in the late 1980s and several important roles, including the one that thrilled critics in Miloš Forman's film The People vs. Larry Flynt from 1996 where she plays the king of porn Larry Flynt or Terrence Malick's The Thin Red Line, to name a few. The two actors are Rust Cole and Martin Hart respectively and create a perfect synergy by playing two detectives who are chasing a seventeen-year-old serial killer in Louisiana.

Detective Rust Cohle. True Detective transports us to a mysterious world and creates a dense atmosphere thanks to the staging, however with each new episode half the fun is characterized by waiting to see which metaphysical concept Rust will bring out. "I think human consciousness is a tragic misstep in evolution" - I think human consciousness is a tragic misstep in human evolution - it will be one of his most famous phrases. Life, death, religion, love, fourth dimension - Rust has a joke ready for any topic. Do your nihilistic reflections reflect a founded philosophical doctrine or are they just words spoken at random? Paul J. Ennis, a philosopher from University College Dublin analyzed the HBO show and explained why he thought the TV series and Rust's character had such a huge success. Rust, according to Ennis, is a person who is used to saying aloud what most people usually try to suppress and not admit. When Rust gets to the point and exposes his point of view, more or less everyone in his heart agrees with his thought but they are intimidated by being judged and therefore remain silent. In a nutshell, Rust says nothing new, but he is the only one who has the courage to say it.

The memorable dialogue that Rust will have in the car with Marty has created the attention of fans of Thomas Ligotti, contemporary American writer and cult figure in the world of horror, especially for some similarities with his book The Conspiracy Against the Human Race. And it is Nic Pizzolatto who in an interview for The Wall Street Journal declares to be a fan of Ligotti's works - «I found his nightmare works immediately engaging and visionary. I read "The Conspiracy Against the Human Race": a horror story where the self understood as ego is the absolute monster. I have read E.M.Cioran for years and consider him one of my favorite writers of all time and I believe that no one like Cioran and Ligotti has ever expressed the idea of ​​humanity as an aberration as powerful as the two of them. " All eight episodes are set through different time frames, the lives and investigations of the two detectives are told, from 1995 to 2012, the year in which the case was reopened. In fact, we begin to see Rust in our day being interrogated by the two detectives who are now dealing with the case and through a flashback we are transported to years ago when Rust and Marty were still working on the case. During the interrogations with Rust there is a generalized pessimism and also the meditation on the eyes of the victims of murder makes us understand his restless personality.

"Ligotti underlines some fundamental thoughts of some contemporary neuroscientists, whom Rust certainly knows, who affirm the absence of a self and free will. We note this point of view during his monologues where he says that life is a trap, a dream, a program. Once grasped this concept one cannot help but see the self as being similar to being trapped in a sort of nightmare cycle. In many ways, the self is the micro-scale of this nightmare and time is the macro-scale that also touches in terms of an incessant cycle. There are some tensions between these positions, but common to both is the idea that we are puppets at the mercy of wider forces. " explains Paul J. Ennis.

Detective Martin Hart. Rust is opposed to the personality of Marty, his detective partner, who is the personification of the classic morally hypocritical man who, even if religious and with a family, has no problem cheating on his wife with younger girls. But it is precisely his hypocrisy that keeps society from collapsing. He is the ordinary man who performs his duty in an extremely predictable way. His character was not created to challenge Rust's philosophical vision as much as to act as a contrast. The fact that Marty is such a "normal" man intensifies Rust's strangeness, he almost acts as a "shoulder" as in the most classic comic shows.

With just eight episodes the Nic Pizzolatto series is already a cult and rumors reveal that there is already a second season scheduled. The key to turning True Detective is its format. True Detective, in fact, is conceived as an anthological series, which will have different interpreters and stories for each season. The new season will have different stories and characters so - unfortunately - also different performers. It is also very likely that there will not be a single director as happened for the first season but that there will be several divided into the various episodes.

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