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🔴 Watch Drama Dustin Hoffman, Richard Madden, And Stuart Martin In Medici (2016) Full Movie Hd

watch drama dustin hoffman, richard madden, and stuart martin in medici (2016) full movie hd
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Date: 2020-03-14 00:45:20
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After the great success of the first two seasons of I Medici, the most powerful Florentine family of the Italian '400 returns with a whole new season. The series debuted in October 2016 with its first season focused on the progenitor of the family: Cosimo de ’Medici, played by Richard Madden. The baton then passed to the famous figure of Lorenzo de 'Medici embodied by Daniel Sharman, a role he has also taken up in this third season. The subtitle of the series "In the name of the family" is a clear indication of what will dominate this season. Love for the family, the importance it will have in facing any challenge Lorenzo will have to face. But love for the family will not only dominate in these episodes, in fact there will also be love for Florence, for art and above all for ambition. But without further ado let's analyze this season in detail with our review of I Medici 3.

The Medici 3 - The plot

The highly anticipated third season of I Medici resumes shortly after the final events of the second season. In the Pazzi Conspiracy, hatched by Jacopo and Francesco Pazzi, declared enemies of the Medici, Lorenzo managed to survive but lost his brother Giuliano. It will be precisely his ghost and the desire for justice, transformed almost into revenge, which will guide Lorenzo's actions in the first episodes. Of course there will be conflicts and consequent political agreements with the other great powers of the period: Milan, Naples and of course the Holy See. Lorenzo's ambition will lead him to make controversial choices. These will influence not only his present but also the future of his children and of Florence. But in addition to the consequences of his choices, he will face other challenges. Among the streets there will be the discontent fueled by Girolamo Savonarola, a controversial character who with his words bolsters the squares recalling them to pure religious values.

Great ambitions and great sacrifices

This third season not only gives a plot full of events and twists, but also a different Lorenzo. In the first episodes he is a man deeply wounded by the loss of his brother and is determined to do justice by trying to capture all those responsible for the conspiracy, with the vain hope of obtaining peace. He will come to challenge the Holy Father, who is also a victim of the weight of his actions. This thirst for justice and ambition will be able to risk everything for everything, finding himself risking his life and that of his family. The series also explores the relationship between Lorenzo and his children. Piero is a young man looking for his father's consent; Giovanni is fascinated by art, but this passion for a greater ambition will be taken away. And finally Giulio, Giuliano's illegitimate son with whom Lorenzo will share a special relationship.

Among the different enemies to face there will be Riario and Girolamo Savonarola. The first, ruthless and unscrupulous man is determined to defeat Lorenzo at any cost. The second, a Dominican friar, will exploit the discontent spread among the population derived from Lorenzo's actions. It is therefore far from the young Lorenzo of the previous season. This change was also influenced by Bruno Bernardi; faithful advisor and ambitious man who will push Lorenzo to make controversial decisions. Lorenzo is a mature man who despite his politics and ambition does not, however, put aside his passion for art. He will continue to finance it for the growth of Florence which will become one of the most important cultural centers of the fifteenth century. A man divided between love for his family and love for Florence. The ambition to leave an indelible mark on the history of the city, without paying attention to the cost that this may have.

Madonnas Medici

We continue our review of I Medici 3, focusing on female figures. This season undoubtedly stands out Clarice Orsini (Synnøve Karlsen) wife of Lorenzo. Clarice is a sensitive and intelligent woman, devoted to the good of others, she proves very close to the poorest by helping the Church. He will always be at Lorenzo's side even though she does not share his actions and always tries to advise him in the right way. In difficult moments he will prove himself up to the task, and how Lorenzo is willing to do everything to defend his family. His path will cross again with Lucrezia Donati (Alessandra Mastronardi), Lorenzo's young lover, who will try to put aside the past. Clarice will be a good mother and worthy heir to her mother-in-law Lucrezia Tornabuoni (Sarah Parish). A capable and far-sighted woman who will take over the reins of the family and the bank in the absence of Lorenzo.

But undoubtedly the most interesting figure that Clarice will meet is that of Caterina Sforza (Rose Williams), Riario's wife. The two, consorts of two great politicians, demonstrate how a wife is not only a companion, but can be a strong, astute and capable figure. Someone who can advise them and sometimes act much better than their consorts. Caterina is a woman forced to live in a cage, a strong and independent personality who is tired of submitting to someone else's orders. Another figure is that of Bianca de 'Medici (Aurora Ruffino), Lorenzo's sister exiled from Florence who will always maintain relations with Clarice as his adviser. The series therefore portrays these female figures as very stubborn women and strong personalities who will succeed, between alliances and intrigues, to impose themselves on the political and social scene of the city of Florence, leaving in turn a mark in history.

Between history and entertainment - The Medici 3 review

This third season also aired with the same format. 8 episodes lasting about 50 minutes broadcast on RAI in 4 world evenings. The story was more engaging, with fairly good dialogues that allowed the public to follow Lorenzo's events with interest. The acting of Daniel Sharman and that of Jack Roth as Riario also contributed to the success. Sharman performed better than the previous season, Roth managed equally well to make the worse side of Riario. But the strength of the series is certainly the setting praised by the remarkable photograph by Lorenzo Testa. The story is set in Tuscany between Florence and neighboring cities, with scenes in Naples, Milan and Rome. A television product that has managed to enhance one of Italy's greatest and most precious treasures.

The accuracy in the costumes, curated by Alessandro Lai, the interiors of the residences and the settings of the '400, with the scenography by Francesco Frigeri is also good. A great production on which Rai has invested heavily with the collaboration of Lux Vide. An international cast starting from the first season with Dustin Huffman and with Sean Bean and Julian Sands in the second. Also in this season Sharman has divided the scene with names of Italian television such as those of Neri Marcorè and Francesco Montanari. The director is Christian Duguay, while the idea of ​​the series is by Frank Spotniz and Nicholas Meyer who are also executive producers, supported for this season by Richard Madden. Other elements worthy of note are the soundtrack and the music edited by Paolo Bonvino. The opening theme song is the song by Skin Revolution Bones, written specifically for the second and third seasons of the series.

Conclusion - The Doctors 3 review

We conclude our review of I Medici 3 with a fairly positive opinion. Like most historical series, apart from perhaps a few exceptions, not all of them are perfectly cured. In fact, there are inconsistencies this season. Some events moved along the timeline and some events included in history obviously for the sake of entertainment. A saga therefore that of the Medici, which was certainly born as an ambitious and promising project since its debut, but obviously not perfect. For the rest, this season proved to be interesting both for the events represented and for the well-structured evolution of the characters. A product that manages to enhance our history and culture in a new way. It also reminds us that our past is something we can be proud and proud of, and that we have been a great power that has reached the top thanks also to figures such as Lorenzo's.

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