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🔴 Watch & Stream Nick E Tarabay In Spartacus Gods Of The Arena (2011) Full Movie Online

watch & stream nick e tarabay in spartacus gods of the arena (2011) full movie online
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Date: 2020-03-13 08:34:51
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In his unexpected way, the success of Spartacus Sangue e Sabbia last year: a product aired on an American cable station (Starz) and that for this reason there was no problem in showing on the screen all that the right-thinking people continue to condemn since the medium began to spread in people's homes. Violence, riots and torture without filters or censorship; sex, orgies and porn-soft situations.
A mix capable of titillating the perversions and voyeurism of a certain type of audience, to which, however, they offered much more than tons of fanservice: first of all, they offered a compelling, epic and vengeful plot like Ridley Scott's Gladiator, male and visually as flawless as Miller's 300 and, on the big screen, Snyder.
Look at the numbers of viewers, the managers of Starz said to do it again! But just when a script for season two was delivered, the health of the protagonist Andy Whitfield deteriorated by preventing the expected sequel from being shot. So it was decided to take the time for a sort of six-episode prequel: entitled Spartacus: Gods of the Arena and focused on the events of the house of Batiatus prior to the entry into the scene of the gladiator Thracian, the series answers some questions quickly dismissed by the first season and experiments with new director-narrative solutions.

The ludus of the lanista Batiato (John Hannah) is one of the most important in the city of Capua, whose passion for games in the circus is overwhelming, so much so that the institutions anxious to earn the benevolence of the plebs can not wait to dismantle the now decadent wooden arena to inaugurate the magnificent stone built (digitally) in Blood and Sand: the weaves and textures of Gods of the Arena are not aimed at reuniting with the beloved as in the first season, but to earn a place of honor at the opening games and honoring the ludus Batiatus.
Despite the fact that the owner of the latter has a fearsome gladiator like Gannicus (Dustin Clare) on his side, he is little regarded both in the political environment, soon antagonizing the noble Tullio, and within his school for gladiators (many, including the trainer, remain devoted to his father Tito, who retired to the healthiest Sicily). He can equally count on a devoted and caring wife like Lucrezia (Lucy Lawless), with whom his friend Gaia (Jaime Murray) joins the Roman aristocracy, and the business partner Solonius (Craig Walsh Wrightson).
Just the latter, as the spectators of Spartacus Sangue e Sabbia will know well, in the previous season was Batiato's arch rival, the one who excelled in business and success within the arena. Gods of the Arena plays a lot on specularity with the previous Spartacus, offering an insight into the events that are the preamble to the television success of the past year. Not only Solonius, but also the transition from gladiator to trainer of Oenomao, the alternate fortunes in the arena of the lame piazzist Ashur, the homosexual loves of the punic Barca.
Above all, however, the rooster Crisso, the champion of Capua in Blood and Sand, who takes his first steps as a slave here: the metamorphosis of the actor Manu Bennett is incredible; he abandons his superb gaze to assume an astonished and fearful attitude in the face of a world of death and sacrifice that is absolutely new for him.

He is undoubtedly the most important character of Gods of the Arena, such as to obscure even the "official" protagonist, the Celtic Gannicus, a winner within the coliseum and therefore better treated than the other gladiators with copious remunerations of women and wine with every triumph in the arena. With the trace Spartacus shares the cheekiness and the lack of respect for the rules, but unlike the former, he enjoys quite another confidence in Batiato's eyes, even if at some point he will be called upon to demonstrate it before a "new" owner.
Although his role is vital for the main plot of the series, his winning character and the absence of real motivations that push him to seek glory in the arena do not give him the epic aura that Spartacus in Sangue enjoyed and Sabbia: criticism that the authors have not been able to remedy during the episodes, on the contrary they have further corroborated it by involving the Celtic in amorous dynamics that are faucet and without logic.

Despite being only six episodes, the production values ​​of the new Starz series remain very high. It matters little if the settings remain the same (the Batiato's domus and the arena), with the significant exception of the alleys of Capua, places of intrigue and conspiracies, which are given greater importance starting with the street fight of the first episode. Gods of the Arena recovers that encounter between the sexual and combative spheres, further developing it.
There are not a few parallels that the direction makes between the feats of gladiators and reziari with intimate encounters under the sheets: a lot is played on the meaning of the word "penetration", therefore understood as the sword that pierces the opponent's chest, as well as the phallus that fits between the female legs. And between orgies, moments of euphoria at three, copulated Sapphic and slaves forced to appease the appetites of powerful aristocrats, more will be seen of sex than during the thirteen episodes of the first season. However, the same cannot be said of the fights: the sand of the arena is not trodden at every single episode, often preferring challenges inside the ludus with weapons and wooden shields, otherwise called "toys".
Despite the excellent premises of the first episodes, in which new characters are introduced and questions are posed in tandem with the events of Blood and Sand, Gods of the Arena, starting from the morbid fourth episode, sees its appeal drop due to the haste with which liquidates certain questions and the lightness with which it anticipates the events of the "future" and authentic Spartacus.

Gods of the Arena stands as an interlude between the first and second seasons of the serial on the gladiator trace Spartacus. A six episode prequel with a new protagonist (Gannico), around which the long-running affairs of Batiato, his wife Lucrezia and most of the gladiators already seen in Spartacus Sangue e Sabbia revolve. Gods of the Arena then resumes the high rate of violence, as well as the marked sexuality of the predecessor, trying to explain many events in the background: unfortunately the explanations are revealed at the end fallacious, working not the right to expand the psychology of the characters. A commendable appetizer for those who crave the already announced second season of the Starz TV series.

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