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🔴 Watch Christian Clavier And Chantal Lauby In Serial (bad) Weddings (2014) Subtitle English France Italy

watch christian clavier and chantal lauby in serial (bad) weddings (2014) subtitle english france italy
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The X review of the Cineforum in the original language of the CLA - Centro Linguistico di Ateneo continues on Tuesday 27 October 2015 with the film "Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au Bon Dieu?" by Philippe de Chauveron (2014).

The screening will take place at 18.00 at the Academy Astra cinema in via Mezzocannone 109.

The review is organized by the University Language Center in collaboration with COINOR, the Goethe Institut, the Language Studies Course and the Doctorate in Mind, Gender and Languages.

The French-language film is subtitled in Italian, so as to allow viewing even for those who have no knowledge of the original language of the film.

Admission is free.

The poster of the review, the reviews of the films and all other information are available on the websites of the CLA and F2 Cultura as well as on the Facebook page: Cineforum in the original language of the CLA.

Fifty years and numerous remakes after Guess who's coming to dinner? "By Guess who's coming to dinner? .

Politically correct film (s) which addresses both the right and the left, is played on identity, difference, religion, racism and mixed marriages, dealing with the very current and burning issues of immigration, integration, anti-Semitism and globalization. "Don't marry my daughters" exhibits cliches and taboos and shows us through the character of one of the husbands of the daughters and the father of the Ivorian groom that we are all a bit racist after all.

Women are represented as less permeable to prejudice and instinctively prone to tolerance, but are nevertheless torn between the need for freedom of which they are spokespersons and the conservative and bourgeois social conventions that are an integral part of their being.

In the film, all these anxieties and contradictions that specifically agitate French society, but more generally all European nations, symbolize a feeling of shared unease in marriage.

Plot: Claude and Marie Verneuil are a wealthy, Catholic and Gaullist bourgeois couple who raised four daughters according to the principles of tolerance, integration and openness. Unexpectedly they find themselves having to accept that three of their daughters have married an Arab, an Asian and a Jew respectively, and hope that the fourth will have a more traditional wedding, marrying a "good" Catholic. Their joy is great when the fourth daughter announces that she is just about to marry a Catholic boy

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