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🔴 Stream They Shall Not Grow Old (2018) Full Movie Subtitle English France Italy

stream they shall not grow old (2018) full movie subtitle english france italy
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Date: 2020-03-01 22:54:09
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The re-enactments of the First World War, more than a hundred years after its end, also seem to be a sort of inheritance of family affections. So it was for Sam Mendes, who was inspired by the stories of his grandfather Alfred for 1917, so it is for Peter Jackson, to whose fighting grandfather William They Shall Not Grow Old is dedicated.

But if Mendes made it an impressive adrenaline-pumping epic that looks like a video game without a controller, Jackson has made a consequent path on a collective experience, obtained after a very careful research work, selecting the material from over 100 hours of the unpublished footage preserved in the archives of the Imperial War Museum and organizing the narrative drawing it from about 600 hours of interviews with 200 survivors of the Great War massacre.

And it is precisely the verbal component that appears to be the predominant part, regulating the structure of the narrative and making the images almost a corollary of luxury compared to a continuous and unstoppable flow of true experiences, memories, re-enactments, anecdotes, confessions, fears and disappointments, interpreted by an articulated nucleus of actors with various accents and inflections. This flow illustrates the whole parable accomplished by each individual soldier and, merging with the others, turns into shared experience, in which - in rigorous sequence - the news of the outbreak of the war, the recruitment of young British (some of whom are still widely minors), the marches and trainings, the transfer to France and then on the front line, the life of the trenches, the moments of waiting, the orders and the attacks on the enemy front, the actual eventuality of death and contact with the Germans, as victims or prisoners, and then the news of the end of hostilities and the complicated reintegration into daily life left years earlier, represent an obligatory path that crosses and exhausts the entire span of the conflict.

It matters little that it is a narrative simplification, because, focusing on infantry and artillery, the film in fact ignores the war by sea and above all the romance of air collisions: Jackson's intention is obviously not historical completeness, although by mass of archival research, as much as that of making the value of testimonies adventurous and pressing.

This is where Jackson makes the most noticeable tear. The patchwork of the narrative voices initially is superimposed on a box of archive footage as a documentary trend dictates. Once you reach the front, there is a prodigious transformation: the usual gray scale often faded now settled in the historical imagination comes to life through a surprising digital coloring, slowing down at the same time the speed of scrolling of the original movies to eliminate the shots and the otherwise grotesque bodies speed.

In the magnificence of these scenes, Jackson even inserts the likelihood of a dubbing made by studying the labyrinths of the individual soldiers facing the camera, adding voices, laughter, noises, shots and explosions. Of course, one can discuss the philological correctness of such an operation (and someone did it), one can also reflect on the criterion of realism, where in some reviews of the film criticizes Jackson's transgression with respect to a pretended reality of the image, when more than ethics of exploitation or presumed realism one should admit more than anything else a weakened habit in considering only a limited number of images (faded, grainy, uncertain, rigorously in black and white) as a reliable historical document.

In fact, Jackson makes the matter narrated spectacular through the prodigy of the technique with the precise aim of actualizing it, without thereby offending its intrinsic nature. Very pragmatically, it aims to transform the war imagery into contemporary, to make it - after more than a century - alive and pulsating, converting the coldness of the archive image, its now clear separation from a differently interested public, in an updated and therefore plausible epos, in which never-before-seen colors appear (the blue of the sky, the intense green of the French meadows) which come into clear contrast with the tragedy expressed by the images. It is not necromancy, that of Jackson, but it is only the attempt to propose a new historical access key, enticing the new generations with the quality of the packaging and providing a pacifist message that at the end, with a fulminating joke expressed by one of the hundreds of anonymous voices protagonists of the film, it gives reason for the substantial uselessness of most of the horror, blood and destruction shown in the previous hour and a half.

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They Shall Not Grow Old (2018)
Stream They Shall Not Grow Old (2018) Full Movie Subtitle English France Italy
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