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🔴 Watch Sonia Braga And Luciana Souza In Bacurau (2019) 4k Streaming Full Movie

watch sonia braga and luciana souza in bacurau (2019) 4k streaming full movie
Streaming 480p
Streaming 480p
Uploaded by: bobbiee
Date: 2020-02-28 02:27:51
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A story that will happen in a few years ... Bacurau is a small village located in northeastern Brazil in the state of Pernambuco. It mourns the death of the ninety-four year old Carmelite matriarch. A few days later the inhabitants discover that the village has disappeared from the maps and that a mysterious group of American 'tourists' has arrived in the area.

Kleber Mendoça Filho, after the interesting Aquarius, in which he had reminded us which great actress Sonia Braga was, returns to take advantage of one of her performances in a film that however takes on a collective dimension that constitutes its backbone.

He has at his side Juliano Dornelles who in Aquarius had the role of scenographer and who works alongside him in an operation as complex as it is full of meaning in today's Brazil. Complex starting from the title. The bacurau is in fact a nocturnal bird very skilled in camouflaging itself but, in a local diction, it also has the meaning of the last race of a means of public transport.

Bacurau is like this: it is a village that does not care to appear, that even disappears from the maps, but that exists and knows, if necessary, to claim its identity. The complexity is also inherent in a narrative choice that mixes different genres such as the western, the slasher, a touch of science fiction as well as of kangaroo (a genre typical of the Brazilian northeast mainly of the 50s and 60s that had acts of banditry at the center) . The point of view is that of the poorest area of ​​Brazil but the sense of the operation is extended to all those realities that suffer the overpowering of those who think they can 'play' with the lives of others.

The two directors worked for many years on the screenplay which gradually acquired references to a reality that more and more often exceeds the invention. The small community, with its strange types but also with its vitality, would be happy to be out of any possibility of external reconnaissance. But the politician on duty (who 'gives' expired foods and psychotropic drugs that cause addiction) thinks about reminding them to be under observation. Gringos armed to the teeth, engaged in a literal 'game' of the massacre, also provide for this.

With some reminiscence of O cangaceiro (a masterpiece of Brazilian cinema) in the character of Lunga, the film warns us that all is not lost and that even those who seem to be able to turn into easy targets can find solidarity and strength to overturn situations more extreme.

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